May 25, 2019

5 Daily Routines to expand your network on Instagram

Instagram has quickly become the favorite social platform for people who have over 700 million active monthly users. The creators use this platform to get more likes and followers as everyone has a craving for becoming Instagram famous. In this post, you can discover the 5 daily routines you need to follow to get real Instagram followers.

What are the five daily routines to get real Instagram Followers?

Post visual content regularly.

Instagram is so popular among people of all ages because of its visual content. The visually appealing images can grab the attention of most people because about 90 percent of info transmitted to the human brain is visual. You should post visual content regularly to draw the attention of many people. It will help you to boost your post engagement and provide you with some new Instagram followers.

Give ephemeral content a try

If you want to build authenticity and trust, show the personal side of your life. Share the BTS moments of your trip, office tour, and product launch. Give ephemeral content like Instagram stories a try. However, it disappears within 24 hours, but it will attract more people. It is a great way to avoid flooding the newsfeed and get many views and profile visits. You can also highlight your Instagram stories below your profile bio. Consider uploading two Instagram stories to boost engagement and get new Instagram followers.

Reach potential audience

You should know what your target audience is and what they want to see on your account. Try reaching your potential followers using organic ways. It will save your money and grab the attention of more people. People pay attention to other people who are interested in them. They will likely visit your accounts who like their posts, and more people will know more about you and follow you. For instance, you can reach a more potential audience if you add a location-based tag to Instagram stories, as your story may appear on the suggested feed.

Maintain Long-Term Connections:

Only posting content is not enough to increase engagement and get real Instagram followers; you must also interact with them. Consider building a long-term relationship with your followers to ensure that you care about them. To build a strong connection, communicate with them and like their posts, respond to their comments, tag loyal followers in your images, and watch their ephemeral content.

Keep an Eye on Trends:

Online presence is not enough to grab people’s attention on Instagram. You need to know how to update them with the latest news and trends. You should keep an eye on the latest trends and also search the content that can grab their attention. The latest trends on social media have the potential to get new followers and boost engagement on Instagram. Create a post or upload a story that features the Instagram trend.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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