March 2, 2021

5 Important Questions To Ask When Hiring A Mobile App Developer

There are several important questions to ask when hiring a mobile app developer. According to recent studies, there are over 11 million app developers worldwide. Nearly half of these developers specialize in Android developments, while others have more experience with iOS, Windows, and mobile browser applications. Undoubtedly, every mobile app development company has different advantages they bring to the table. As a business owner, you need to know the right questions to ask before you select your development partner. Read on to discover the most important questions to ask when hiring a mobile app developer.

Where Can I See Apps You’ve Already Built?

First, you should ask where you can see apps the developer has already built. Often, mobile app companies keep an online portfolio available on their website for prospective clients to browse. Importantly, this demonstrates that the company is transparent with its customers. Additionally, a company’s application portfolio is a great way to gauge its results. By looking through their previous projects, you can get an idea of the features, designs, and industries they have experience with. Because of this insight, this is one of the most reliable ways to tell if you’ll get a good return on your investment. Therefore, always ask where you can see apps they have already built.

What Developer Tools Do You Use?

In addition, it is essential to ask what developer tools they use. Many innovative tools are designed to help mobile app developers deliver their applications quickly and reliably. Some platforms can also facilitate scaling as you grow your customer base. For example, many reliable development enterprises use JFrog’s Docker registries to manage development, vulnerability analysis, artifact flow control, and distribution. With this tool, developers can set up a fully automated Docker promotion pipeline. This allows them to only promote their Docker image files to the next development stage if they pass certain quality assurance checks. Importantly, this ensures a more reliable, tested product for your end-users. Additionally, JFrog’s Docker registries are highly scalable to accommodate your business growth.

How Can You Make My UI/UX Stand Out?

Moreover, inquire how the prospective development team can make your U/UX stand out. With over 2 million apps on the market, you need an application with an exceptional layout. Indeed, it should be designed to engage users and enhance their experience. Of course, the design also needs to fit within your company’s branding message, color scheme, and aesthetic. This is a great time to address any specific features you are looking for in your application as well. Remember, different designs attract and retain specific audiences. Absolutely, different developers have different approaches for designing UI/UX as well. Thus, it is essential to ask how they can make yours stand out on the market.

Do You Manage The Deployment Process?

Furthermore, you should also ask your prospective developer if they manage the deployment process. Ideally, you should look for a mobile app company that can get your app approved by iOS, Android, and other third-party app stores. This is crucial, so your users can download your application. If a developer-only delivers the app files to you, you may not follow the proper launching procedure. Additionally, developers sometimes offer assistance to market your app in the proper category as well. Overall, a team that has experience in the deployment process end-to-end is usually a more reliable option. In short, always ask if mobile developers manage the deployment process before hiring.

Can I See A List Of Current And Past Clients?

Next, you should ask to see a list of past and current clients. Importantly, these clients can serve as valuable references to verify that developers actually created the apps they claim to have worked on. In addition, checking references allows you to ask how reliable, responsive, and results-driven your prospective developers are. For example, you can ask if the company met its delivery deadlines and stayed within the budget. Notably, mobile development companies may only offer references who have a positive opinion of them. Thus, some engineers recommend checking their LinkedIn profile for professional colleagues or coworkers who have experience with the company. Then, you can get an opinion you can trust. Of course, online reviews are another way to research satisfaction.

There are several important questions to ask when hiring a mobile app developer. First, you should ask to see applications they have already built to get a sense of their portfolio. Next, ask your prospective developer for a list of current and previous clients. This is a great starting point to verify their reliability with references. In addition, ask what tools the development enterprise uses. Moreover, inquire how they can make your UI/UX stand out from your competitors. Furthermore, always make sure they can manage the deployment process. Ask these important questions when hiring a mobile app developer.

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