July 5, 2024

5 Pinterest Accounts to Follow If You Love Interior Design

Do you love interior design? If so, you can kickstart your creativity and get some great tips on Pinterest, which bills itself as a visual discovery engine for discovering ideas.

According to one source, Pinterest reaches four in 10 U.S. households with yearly income north of $150,000. The platform also has north of 518 million monthly active users — and these users produce content on just about any topic you can imagine. 

So, you won’t be disappointed if interior design floats your boat. Whether you want ideas for DIY interior design projects or are simply inspired by the creativity of others, Pinterest has you covered.

Here are five Pinterest accounts to check out if you love interior design and great visuals.

1. Caitlin Flemming

Caitlin Flemming is a full-service interior design studio serving clients across the country. With more than 24,000 pins or graphics on Pinterest, you’ll find plenty of interior design ideas. There are design ideas for the kitchen, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, entryway, fireplace, and more.

While interior design is the focus, Caitlin Flemming also offers ideas for the exterior. Yes, exterior design matters. It can increase the value of your home and pride of ownership. 

If you want to do more with your outdoor living space, you could get a stainless steel outdoor kitchen, patio cover, retaining walls, or other things. The sky’s the limit. Check out Caitlin Flemming’s Pinterest account for exterior and interior design ideas. Prepare to be blown away.

2. Ishka Designs

If you want to update your home’s interior design, check out Brooklyn, NY-based Ishka Designs for some inspiration before getting underway. Some interior design projects go all-out, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But Ishka Designs showcases the beauty of simplicity. You can achieve maximum impact with a streamlined, yet impactful, approach. Check it out to be inspired. You might walk away with some ideas for your next interior design project.

3. Casey Finn

While some interior design accounts on Pinterest are about showing and telling, others are more about empowering DIYers with how-to resources. That’s what Casey Finn’s DIY Playbook on Pinterest is all about. On this account, you’ll find interior design and renovation how-tos to help with just about any interior design project you can think of. Whether you’re thinking big or small, you can find help to tackle the interior design projects that tickle your fancy.

4. Robert Brown Interior Design

If you want some interior design ideas with a more masculine focus, consider Robert Brown Interior Design. Robert Brown taps into various interior design styles to create stunning home interiors. You won’t only find interior design ideas for the master bedroom, guest bedroom, and other spaces in the home. The account also focuses on watches, transportation, fashion, and other cool stuff. So, visit for the interior design and stick around for a whole lot more.

5. Nicole Gibbons

Did you know you can give the interior of your home a new lease on life with a few coats of quality paint? Nicole Gibbons sure does. In fact, the interior designer has a passion for helping people paint a space they love. She’s the founder of Clare, a modern paint company, and is an expert in offering ways to give any space a proverbial facelift with paint.

These are five interior design accounts on Pinterest you should check out if interior design is your thing. Whether you need ideas to trigger creativity or wish to pass the time with some beautiful interior design content, Pinterest has plenty to offer on the interior design front. And there’s more where that came from, so find interior design accounts that suit your tastes.

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