August 3, 2021

5 Prank Sites and Apps for Trolling Others

The art of pranking has been around for many, many years—and we doubt that it will go away anytime soon. No matter how old we may be, there’s always a part of us—our inner child perhaps—that will jump for joy at the thought of pranking close friends and family just for laughs. If you’re an ultimate prankster, you may end up running out of ideas at some point. But don’t you worry, this article will show you some of the best apps and websites to check out if you want to troll someone. These could also come in handy once April 1st rolls around.

These apps are straight to the point and simple to use, so check them out and choose which one works best for your pranking needs.

1. PrankDial

When we were younger, one of the best ways to troll other people is to give them a prank call. These days, prank calls are very much still in practice, although the younger generation now has access to sites like PrankDial to make the experience even funnier and crazier. As its name implies, PrankDial is a fake calling website that contains a wide selection of recorded calls. The website neatly separates the recordings into different categories so you can easily browse and choose which fake call you want to play for your prank call.

What makes this website so top-tier is the fact that you can even customize the prank, such as the name, dates, addresses, etc.

2. Dude Your Car

Do you know what hurts more than a breakup or losing someone as a friend? Your car getting a scratch, no matter how small it may be. Most people meticulously care for their cars, so it would be devastating if there’s an ugly scratch on them. With the Dude Your Car app, you can trick your friend into thinking that their car was damaged. It’s pretty much just a filter you put over the photo, but boy does it look real!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

3. Message Bombers

If you want to annoy someone with a prank, then Message Bombers is the way to go. This website allows you to bombard someone with a bajillion messages at an instant that they won’t know what hit them! The website contains a list of prank messages you can choose from, and all the messages are completely anonymous. The Message Bombers site is easy to navigate and all you need to do is enter your friend’s phone number. After choosing what type of message you want to send, sit back and wait for the show.

4. Crash Browsers

Crash Browsers definitely deserves to be on this list! As its name implies, it’s essentially a link that basically crashes any browser that opens it. No matter what device or OS you’re using—whether you’re on your phone, laptop, PC, tablet, etc—your entire browser will freeze and then consequently crash whenever you open up the link leading to Crash Browsers.

You’ll have to restart your browser after it has crashed, and everything should be back to normal. However, you must not click on Restore Pages because you’ll end up crashing your browser all over again.

5. Fake Update

Last but not least, Fake Update is perfect for your techy friends who are always glued to their computers. This is a website that contains full-screen images of different Windows errors and update screens. Once you choose an image and press F11 to make it full screen, your friend will definitely be puzzled once the “update” takes forever to finish.


The next time you’re caught in the middle of a prank war or perhaps you just want someone to have a taste of their own medicine, take a look at some of these awesome prank ideas. Your friends (or enemies) won’t know what hit them!

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