December 16, 2014

News Feed Setting Tool – Unfollow Your Most Annoying Facebook Friends And Pages

Facebook made an update on Friday that allows users to more easily adjust how often their News Feed shows updates from certain people or places. The Facebook update also makes it easy to see who or what is appearing in your News Feed most often.

Company has rolled out some changes that make it easier to control what shows up in your News Feed, the stream of updates that appear when you first visit the site. You can now see what pages or people are appearing most often in your News Feed, and unsubscribe from updates from those you don’t want to see.

unfollow unwanted friends

Facebook introduce its latest ‘News Feed Setting Tool’ which displays your friends and your Facebook pages likes and covers more storage capacity in your News Feed which asks you to quickly unfollow them without use of Facebook unfriend feature. It also provides a new way of hiding specific posts from your News Feed that urges you to inform Facebook about the author of a website, Facebook Page or app mentioned which you need to see at a minimal extent. You can unfollow them accordingly.

facebook new update-newsfeed setting tool

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told in his public Question and Answer session on Nov 6th :

There’s this inherent conflict in the system, though. Are we trying to optimize News Feed to give each person, all of you guys, the best experience when you’re reading? Or are we trying to help businesses just reach as many people as possible? And in every decision that we make, we optimize for the first, for making it so that for the people that we serve that use Facebook and are reading News Feed get the very best experience that they can.

However, Facebook and Twitter spent several years with an objective to grow user’s social graphs with ease of use suggestion feature which asks users to take decision about to follow celebrities, even if it dilutes their users News Feed. However, News Feeds which are full of irritating and boring posts is users key complain about social networks. Lastly, Facebook is fighting with its useless information overload, even if it indicates your help to silence brands which paid for your Facebook Page likes.

Facebook isn’t designed to put businesses first, or even put all your friends first so you see all their posts. It’s centered around each individual. Because if Facebook prioritizes anything else, people stop visiting, and nobody gets any attention to their posts. As long as the end user is happy, at least someone will get the attention 1.35 billion people pour into News Feed.

These changes aren’t in effect everywhere yet — they’re live for some mobile apps, but not for the desktop version of Facebook. The company says the update will be reflected everywhere within a few weeks.

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