March 26, 2021

5 Quick Ways to Promote Your New Brand on Instagram

Setting up a new brand can be tough, especially if you are not accustomed to the world of business. While earlier hurdles used to include a lot of legal and paperwork that would need filing and completing and signing and stamping and whatnot, the recent shift towards a digital age has simplified much of that process.

Unfortunately, several hurdles still remain. Gaining enough traction and popularity is one of them. Luckily, the advance of social media has greatly helped in this regard as well. So, today we will discuss five quick ways to promote your new brand on Instagram. Whether the idea is to buy Instagram followers or to gain Instagram followers through other organic means, we have you covered. Let us dive in.

1. Use the free tools

Before you can start spending money and hiring social experts, it would be best for you to get the lay of the land. The free tools that Instagram itself provides are a great way of doing that.

These tools start with the business or creator profiles that Instagram allows you to create. They are just an extension of the business profiles on Facebook. And on Instagram, a business profile can have a few call-to-action buttons visible which allows users to quickly get in touch, visit a website, or drop an email/DM.

Further, business profiles get access to Instagram’s analytics section. This helps them gain an insight into their reach, popularity, which posts are working, which stories gained them followers and which stories lost users’ interest, etc. Using these features will significantly help you in boosting your Instagram engagement and growth.

2. Instagram must not be a lone warrior

Let other social media platforms feel the heat too. Every time you post something on one channel, use your other channels to promote that post. That way, an increasing number of users will start gravitating towards your channels. Perhaps someone has found you on LinkedIn or Twitter. If you talk about your Instagram posts on Twitter, then that someone will get a direct hotline to your Instagram channel, increasing your brand’s awareness and engagement.

Besides, several people regularly take a break from one particular social media platform. Thus, not all of your followers are likely to see your posts. Cross promotions across channels are a clever way of reminding them that you exist.

3. Do not be the eager maniac

Everyone knows that posting regularly is key on social media platforms. But you want to keep that regularity in check. Do not post so often that your audience starts feeling bored, uninterested, or simply overwhelmed by your content. They will do the same thing they do on spam emails. Hit Unsubscribe. And doing so is a thousand times easier on Instagram than in emails.

Now, I do not have a mathematically proven equation to share that will trigger an alarm at the exact best time to post. Not all brands are the same and not all industries work across the same set of guidelines. For finding the best time to post, you will have to research and know your audience. This brings us to our fourth point.

4. Interact with your audience.

I know. This is starting to sound wild. Do not post too much, but post regularly; interact with your audience; blah, blah! Here is the deal: you want to post just enough to keep your audience updated. That is certain. But do not shy away from engaging with them and getting to know them.

This can be achieved quite easily. Every once in a while, post a poll. Ask a question. Or maybe hold a quiz. Doing this frequently lets you keep your audience entertained and also helps you get an insight into their likes and dislikes.

Further, asking your audience questions makes them feel wanted and heard. This will spark your growth tremendously since people love having their opinions valued. Once again, do not overdo this, and you will be good to go.

5. Get creative

Regardless of how many guides you read and how many steps you follow, nothing is going to work unless you get creative.

Creativity inspires confidence in your brand and engages people. It makes them feel “Hey! These guys are doing great work. Let us check them out.” So, you must find creative ways of expressing your ideas. Chances are that whatever business you have started, most things about it have already been done on social media. To stand apart, getting creative is the number one step.

Besides, while advertisements are a great way of reaching more people, they hardly work for people already following you unless you are offering an insane promotion. Thus, if your posts look like self-praise or advertisement about your brand, people are going to make a “bleh” face and scroll past. Okay, maybe not; but you get the point. Hence, staying creative means staying popular.


There are several ways of promoting your brand on Instagram. These were the quickest we could think of. If you know of more tips and tricks that are quick and easy to follow, share them in the comments box below.

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Peter Hatch

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