June 27, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Need a VPN for Your Phone

Digital privacy is a baffling topic for anyone reading the latest news. On one side, privacy advocates worry about the ever-growing number of new threats. On the other, experts claim that supporting a privacy-oriented digital space would create an ideal environment for criminals. While a solid middle-ground between these two opposing parties is miles away, people start to look for solutions themselves. One of the dominant digital solutions is a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

In fact, millions of people apply VPNs to protect themselves from constant surveillance and tracking. However, these tools are usually used on computers. In reality, your smartphone is a goldmine. People use it to make quick bank transactions, access social media, read the news, etc.

Additionally, with your smartphone, you become much more mobile. Hence, you might connect to unsecured Wi-Fi spots at various locations. In this article, you will learn the benefits of using a VPN on your smartphone.

Protection While Surfing on Public Wi-Fi

As mentioned, since your smartphone is portable, you will likely carry it around everywhere you go. That means that you’ll run into free Wi-Fi networks all the time. However, you must know that public Wi-Fi networks are not as secure as your home network. Since anyone can connect to free Wi-Fi spots, hackers might also be lurking on these unsecured connections.

Of course, to protect your digital privacy, you might disregard all flashy offers of free Wi-Fi. You can always use your mobile data. However, it can be expensive and not always available. You might accidentally run out of data to use. Hence, free Wi-Fi can become a temptation for anyone.

With a VPN, you can connect to any public Wi-Fi. This tool will encrypt all your data transmissions to ensure that hackers won’t be able to misuse it. Additionally, encapsulation helps to avoid anyone else on the network, getting the chance to read your communications over the internet.

A Must-Have for Travelers

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is planning to travel abroad. While the COVID-19 has changed the landscape of tourism, trips won’t be gone for too long. When you embark on a new journey, you face the dilemma of navigation, access to certain services, or simple communication with your loved ones back at home.

In some cases, you might travel to a heavily censored country that prevents you from accessing various websites and services. Hence, a VPN is a must for any traveler, especially when you can be tempted to connect to a Wi-Fi at your hotel or the airport.

In some cases, when you travel for business, you might need to access your company’s assets. In such a case, you can use a VPN as well to maintain productivity and get a chance to quickly finish up some critical tasks.

Get Access to Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies

Mobile devices are great because you can use them to kill time on your way to work and during long journeys. You can watch your favorite Netflix shows wherever you go if there are no regional content restrictions. When you find yourself far away from home, in another country or continent, you will most likely lose access to some content that’s otherwise easily accessible.

A VPN can help you change your location, allowing you to access different Netflix regions whenever you want. That means that you can watch shows otherwise blocked in your country, which is pretty nice, especially when traveling.

Reduced Phone Data Consumption

While some countries have unlimited mobile data, most of them don’t. That means that you have a limited number of gigabytes you can use during each month. If you use more mobile data than what you paid for, the prices become sky-high, leaving you with huge phone bills.

No one cares about SMS anymore, so instead of limiting that, phone companies limit the internet data for their users. That’s even more so when you travel outside of your country. You have to pay a few times more than usual only to get a few GB of data.

Believe it or not, a VPN can help you with that too. It won’t be able to provide you with extra GB, but it can limit the amount of data passing through your device. It uses the latest encryption methods to minimize mobile data use, providing you with a few more hours of surfing. Neat, right?

Gain Access to Apps Overseas

If you’re a passionate mobile gamer, you will be able to work around the many restrictions that prevent you from playing certain games. For example, many popular games are first released only in Asia, Canada, and other countries. That means that you won’t be able to play them until they become available in your country a few months later.

Well, using a VPN will allow you to play early access games anytime you want. You just have to change your connection location to the country where the game is available, and you are ready to start playing. That will give you a few months of extra playing time, so you can beat your friends once the game gets a global release.

Protect Your Smartphone Right Now

It is obvious that mobile devices can lack adequate protection. For instance, iPhone users might assume that their smartphones are foolproof. This belief is common as these devices have an outstanding reputation for protecting users.

However, even an iPhone won’t protect you from some of the prevalent online threats. In most cases, hackers rely on human error to gain unsolicited access or steal valuable data.

While a VPN would prevent surveillance and tracking, people might not be eager to get them due to their prices. Luckily, you do not always have to pay for high-quality services. Atlas VPN privacy comes at no charge, and people are welcome to use it on their smartphones.

So, if you are hesitating to make a purchase just yet, a free VPN is the option that can protect you even if you have limited financial resources. After all, the sense of privacy and security online should not be a privilege: it is a right.

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Imran Uddin

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