January 19, 2022

A complete guide to cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency exchange or digital currency is a trade that acquires the exchange system of assets such as money and digital currencies. The network offers transactions in electronic form and receives fees from them. Digital currency involves transactions mainly by debit or credit card, but postal money orders are also considered.

Cryptocurrency trading is very profitable; check whether the government can confiscate your bitcoin or not. Here, you get the complete guide of available cryptocurrencies and trading processes for beginners and the services offered to the users. In these services, you get complete knowledge of its ease, security, and transaction method. Indeed, these points insist you participate in digital marketing.


The only currency that plays a pivotal role in digital networking is a Coinbase based in California. This currency is mainly provided in 32 countries and linked with more than 10 million users. Moreover, its interface is simple to acknowledge by the non-technical players, making trading tasks quite convenient.

The availability of this top currency is on both iOS and Android. Meanwhile, it provides four kinds of coins named Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin and trades these coins based on US dollars, Euros, and Great British Pounds. Moreover, it provides you complete security and never violates the terms and conditions requiring minimum fees. Finally, a crystal clear lucrative Coinbase is offered by Coinbase called GDAX. It is unique from its features and friendly in trading fees.


The simple platform to adopt and requires all the latest trading techniques is Bitstamp. In this path, you are availing of enormous features that you never imagined before through TradeView. Here, you have got the extra variety in coins such as ripple and other four identical to coin base. You can trade with these currencies by US dollar as well as Euro. It makes users quite challenging because of its high fees, but it is trustworthy and available on iOS and Android.

Digital Ticks

The advanced mode of exchange that targets the game side and completely changes the view is Digital ticks. It is straightforward to consider and requires trending techniques, so a beginner quickly starts trading with it. It also has the same coin having a unique one called Dash coin. One thing here is so alluring that in the single portfolio in which all the traders see their recent position just on one single portfolio.


The most extensive network that has been trending in recent years is Kraken. This exchange is widespread all over the world, linking top countries. This exchange mode offers several coins: Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Augur, and Litecoin. A smooth withdrawal and deposit system are followed in this platform, which makes it pretty impressive even though it has some security breaches, still, it is a better platform for trade.


The largest digital network that provides the enticing features of margin trading and margin funding is Bitifinex. It also has a simple interface and availability on iOS and Android like other paths. However, as you read earlier, trading is also only upon US dollars and Euros on this platform.

Ether delta

The exchange that is different from the platform mentioned above is Ether delta. It is based on networking support of peer-to-peer decentralized exchange. Your all funds are contracted smartly on the Ethereum network, and it is based on tokens from where you can make the smooth deposit and credit. As it is not the same as other platforms, having one more reason for its uniqueness: its interface. The ether delta interface is quite perplexing, and traders cannot easily apply the cryptocurrency exchange technique.

Other popular cryptocurrency exchanges include Binance, cash app, robin hood, PayPal, Wazir X, and many more. Binance is the most popular foreign exchange out of these cryptocurrency exchanges, and Wazir X is the most popular local exchange. Binance comes up with an advanced user interface; on the other hand, Wazir X comes up with a simple user interface.

The final words

Here all the points are summing up. Hopefully, you can understand all platforms; however, if you are confused about adopting one, go with Coinbase and Bitstamp because they provide complete protection and a simple user interface. In addition, these several transaction modes are available to credit and withdraw currency.

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