October 20, 2021

5 Strategies to Earn Money by Playing Blackjack

Some punters gamble for fun, while others are looking to make some serious money out of this hobby. However, is this feat actually possible? While it’s true you can earn some money by playing card games like Blackjack, can you really win consistently enough to make it worth your time?

We thought long and hard about this, and with sufficient research, we were able to come up with fundamental tips and strategies for Blackjack players that can help them keep winning. You see, if you want to earn a hefty amount through gambling, the best game to play isn’t slots as many might think, but Blackjack.

We scoured the internet far and wide—from Uutisankka.com to other popular sites— and compiled the best sure-fire strategies that can help you win and earn a profit just by playing your favorite casino game: Blackjack.

Look For Games With the Best Rules

Of course, before you start betting real money when playing Blackjack, you must first find the best game for you. It would be pointless to utilize the best strategies and techniques if the game’s rules aren’t working with you. One important thing you need to consider when choosing a table to play on is whether it pays 3 to 2 for a natural.

A natural takes place when a Blackjack is dealt with a player without even drawing cards. For several years now, 3 to 2 is the standard payout whenever a natural is dealt. So, for instance, your table is playing $50 per hand, and you end up hitting a natural. This means that you’ll end up winning $75 instead of $50.

Sadly, more and more casinos have been paying 6 to 5 for a natural these days, which isn’t good. Most of the time, players don’t really stop and think about how this kind of payout will affect their bottom line. In fact, they barely even notice the difference.

You see, whenever 6 to 5 for a natural is being paid, you’ll be surprised by how catastrophic the trickle-down is. For example, instead of winning $75 like you would have at the other table paying 3 to 2, you’ll only end up earning $60. This is why it’s important to pay attention to the rules of the table and go for the ones with the friendliest rules. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Start Card Counting

If you want to start making money just by playing Blackjack, then it makes a lot of sense for you to become a card counter. You’ll significantly flip the game to your advantage whenever you start using this technique. Many punters roll their eyes at the thought of turning into a card counter. You see, the media has convinced many people that you have to be some kind of genius in order to become one. However, this is far from the truth.

That being said, card counting also has its downsides. Just like the previous point, card counting involves finding games or tables with the best rules possible. Once you’ve found one, you’ll have to do everything you can to avoid being noticed by the casino’s sharp eyes. It’s important to become as invisible as you can be if you want to count cards accurately.

Believe it or not, but there’s actually nothing wrong with counting cards. And no, it’s not illegal either. However, casinos have the right to kick players out for whatever reason they deem fit. Naturally, card counting means that you’ll end up winning money, and casinos don’t like that. So, if the casino finds out that you’ve been card counting, you can definitely expect them to be unhappy with you. In fact, you might even get banned from playing Blackjack.

Don’t Fall For the Insurance Bet

One of the main reasons why Blackjack is so popular among avid gamblers is that compared to other games, Blackjack has a relatively minimal house advantage. Most of the time, the game’s house edge is around 2%. This is a fantastic odd to have when playing, making Blackjack a great game to spend countless hours gambling on without the fear of losing all your money.

Knowing that the house edge is around 2%, you can expect that you’ll be losing less than $20 every hour. Of course, you might get lucky sometimes and end up earning more. That being said, stay as far away as possible from the insurance bet—otherwise known as a sucker but. Players may believe this to be the easy way out whenever they believe the dealer has a blackjack, but it definitely won’t help you.

If or when you take out insurance, you’ll only be boosting the house’s edge to 7% from the meager 2%. So, instead of only losing a little bit per hour as mentioned above, you’ll end up losing around $56 instead.

Make Use of Hole Carding

Another technique similar to card counting is hole carding. If you know how to do this right, you could put yourself in a really advantageous position when playing Blackjack. If you don’t know what hole carding entails, this is a technique wherein you try to catch a glimpse of the dealer’s hand while they’re busy dealing.

If you’re able to see what the corner of the card is, then you’ll have a good idea of what kind of cards are in the dealer’s hands. As you can imagine, you can benefit from this technique in countless ways. For one thing, you can significantly reduce how much you’ll lose if or when the dealer has a Blackjack.

Check Out the More Advanced Blackjack Strategies

Of course, there are so many advanced Blackjack strategies out there that can help you, some of which you’ve probably never even heard about before. However, just because they’re not popular doesn’t mean they’re useless.

We recommend that you take a moment to do your research and make it as extensive as possible. We’re sure that you’ll end up finding mind-blowing strategies and techniques.


Why not take your gambling hobby to the next level and actually start earning money out of it? If you’re fond of playing Blackjack, then this article is for you. Feel free to try out our strategies listed above the next time you feel like playing cards.

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