August 10, 2021

5 Tactics to Build Your Brand for Better Buyer Engagement and Conversions

How customers see and feel about your brand influences their decisions to engage and patronize your store. If they don’t see you as trustworthy or impressive enough, they won’t bother exploring what you can offer.

This is why it’s critical that you build a compelling business brand at the onset. This lets you garner profitable interactions with your followers and site visitors.

To do that, you’ll need a set of rock-solid tactics to enhance your brand presence and engage and convert your shoppers. Here are five of them:

1. Showcase your personality on your site.

Imagine entering a physical coffee shop with coffee-related signage. You expect to see coffee tables and coffee-based drinks on the store’s menu, right? Surprisingly, however, the store has set up fruit and vegetable stalls inside without a cup of coffee in sight. That makes you wonder what on earth you just entered.

The same goes for your website, your actual online store, with the homepage as your virtual storefront. If you present yourself differently on search results and your website, you confuse your customers. They can’t understand what exactly you’re selling.

Plus, because you’re not who you say you are, they’ll have difficulty trusting you (which is crucial in engaging buyers). This turns them off and makes them leave your online store.

That said, ensure that your site appearance is consistent with your identity. One way to do that is by incorporating designs that match your business.

Fortunately, that’s easier to do now. Several site builders already offer a vast selection of pre-made themes you can quickly adapt for your online store.

For example, if you’re into relationship and family coaching, get life coach WordPress themes (if you have a WordPress blog site). If you own a flower shop, choose garden-related designs.

Consider also your brand’s intended overall feel — whether it’s minimalist, dynamic and playful, or something in between. Integrate this accordingly into your design and when picking your site’s theme and layout.

2. Take over influential Instagram accounts.

Gaining social followers takes time and effort, so to speed up widening your marketing reach, you can buy social media accounts (e.g., Instagram) with a ready, massive following.

Buying influential Instagram accounts lets you instantly present your business to thousands or millions of potential customers and commercial profiles. It also allows you to implement brand marketing strategies such as partnering with influencers and non-competing stores.

First, find an account that closely resembles your brand and business. Study its niche, engagement triggers, followers’ general profile, etc. Doing all this prevents you from posting irrelevant content, ruining your brand strategy (and the account’s reputation), and losing numerous followers.

Next, look for safe marketplaces for buying Instagram profiles. One of these is Social Tradia. It is a third-party venue that screens accounts on sale, keep transactions and individuals anonymous, and provides post-purchase receipts, among others.

Social Tradia also makes your search for relevant profiles effortless and the transaction as risk-free as possible.

Image Source: Social Tradia.

Once you’ve bought an account, keep posting high-quality content that aligns with the profile’s topics and niche. Implement also some engaging, brand-boosting tactics, such as:

  • Featuring your products and inserting links to your website
  • Publishing sponsored ads and enjoyable content on the best schedules
  • Offering to endorse other companies’ services
  • Going live and posting stories and videos about your business, etc.

3. Create exciting, relevant content featuring your brand.

Introduce your store’s personality in posts that align with your customers’ interests, offer immense value, and excite them.

By doing this, you hit several birds with one stone. You can meet your shoppers’ needs, tell them who you are, advocate your solution, and convert visitors — all while entertaining them.

So, when publishing your blog posts, “About Us” page, and other narrative content, mix them up with visuals in between sections. This gives consumers’ eyes a break from the monotony, visually enthralls them, and encourages them to keep reading.

For videos, you can add effects, filters, and other elements to captivate viewers and show your personality. For example, Lightricks Boosted’s video maker for social ads has gorgeous thematic templates matching your niche and luring prospects to take your offers.

With exciting content relevant to your business and shoppers’ interests, you can grab their attention, introduce your brand, and persuade them to explore your store.

4. See what your customers say about you.

Do you ever wonder what your customers think about your brand — what their impressions are and how they feel about your store?

Knowing this helps you determine whether they perceive you in the way you intended. This is crucial since their opinions impact their interactions and patronage of your business. If you find that they see you differently or negatively, you can strategize to enhance your brand presentation.

To uncover your customers’ opinions, use top-notch sentiment analysis tools, which can mine for users’ content mentioning your store. Enabled by machine learning and natural language processing, the software analyzes and deduces the context (based on emotional tone, opinions, and attitudes).

Leverage the insights obtained from the tools to improve your content and designs, ensuring they accurately express your personality.

5. Partner with other trusted brands.

Consumers prefer patronizing brands they already trust. However, earning new customers’ trust takes work and time, especially as a startup. So, an excellent way to quicken this is by partnering with brands they’ve been loyally buying from.

Once customers learn about your store from established brands, they can more easily consider checking out your store, engaging with your content, and buying your products.

That said, choose brands that relate to your business but do not directly compete with you. This makes them willing to work with your online store.

For instance, if you’re releasing new gluten-free cookies, pair up with fitness brands and coaches. You can give away your products as prizes to contests hosted by your partner, write guest posts on the coaches’ blogs, and more.

6. Develop a handy app for your business.

Building your own app is another powerful way to showcase your brand. With it, you can further create an interactive shopping experience, boost your brand recognition, and strengthen customers’ loyalty to your store. All this leads to greater engagement and better conversions.

To attain that, develop a user-friendly interface for your app. A technique is to keep your layout and navigation paths straightforward and intuitive. Use one or two similar, readable font styles (reflecting your brand), and surround significant elements with white space. This makes your app look clean and organized instead of chunky and complicated.

Apply your brand colors appropriately throughout your site and display your logo at the right locations. Any photos and images you place there should also express your personality and be consistent with the styles you show on other platforms.

A crucial piece of advice: make sure you don’t lose your app’s code and data to cybercriminals, system failure, accidental and malicious deletion, and other threats. Perform frequent or daily Azure DevOps backups. There are third-party platforms that allow you to run automatic Azure DevOps backups so you can stay on top and be consistent with your backups.

What’s more, since these backups are processed automatically, you spend very little time doing them. You just need to set up your automation once and the backups will run themselves.

Build a brand strategy for higher engagement and conversions

With these tips, you can strategize how to better build and accurately present your brand, engage shoppers, and eventually convert them. Remember to back up your game plan with defined targets and frequent performance monitoring and evaluation. In this way, you can note the effective tactics to replicate and low-performing ones to improve. As you keep doing this, you can bolster your brand awareness efforts and become a favorite go-to store in your industry.

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