August 2, 2021

How to Use Boosted’s Video Maker to Amplify Your Social Media Ad Strategy

Statistics show that 99% of marketers who currently work with video content assets intend to continue doing so this year. If you’re not among them, you’re likely to start lagging behind your competition.

However, many businesses find producing video ads for social media costly and laborious – especially if you don’t have adequate technical skills. So they settle for mediocre video ads and low-performance results and returns.

This doesn’t have to happen to you. If you have the same problem, turn to the painless solution that is Lightricks Boosted, an easy-to-use online video maker that lets you quickly produce impressive custom video ads from templates.

Check out how you can leverage Boosted’s features (plus some practical tips) to intensify your social video ad campaigns.

Ready-to-go Video Templates

Boosted offers a vast, visually pleasing gallery of ready-made templates with different themes or for various purposes.

Template themes include Real Estate, Fashion, Digital Marketing, Business and Finance, Pets, and a lot more.

You can also browse the templates by purpose, such as using them for Hashtags, Brand Promos, Sale, Tips & Tutorials, Contests, and many others.

These choices narrow your search and hasten your design process. You can also browse through the templates and draw inspiration when starting your video ads from scratch.

Trendy Sounds and Music

Boosted also provides several audio clips to go with your video ads. Templates often have pre-selected sounds that best fit their themes, but you can also customize them later.

Boosted’s music categories and moods include Action and Sport, Cheerful, Light, Sentimental, Business, and others. The platform also has the Best Fit set featuring audio clips it thinks are most suitable to your chosen template or uploaded a video.

Simple, Comprehensive Customization

Lightricks Boosted gives you plenty of freedom to customize your video ads according to your preferences.

First, you can opt to start from the following:

  • A pre-built template, which then directs you straight to the customization panel
  • Uploading your own videos (up to 7) and arrange them as desired
  • Picking stock footage (from Pixabay, also up to 7 clips), searching by keyword, and sequencing them as preferred

Whether you upload your footage or select a stock video, Boosted then leads you to pick your general style and feel. This typically involves the animation type and speed, font style, accompanying audio clips, etc.

Examples of Boosted’s video styles are Fluid, Bold, Pop, Reveal, Stamp, Elegant, Flicker, and many more.

This step is also where you can resize your video to square, horizontal rectangle, or vertically rectangular.

Next is an array of color and font choices depending on your selected style. Boosted can display color palettes or individual hues and then lists the text samples on the other tab.

See how your picks appear on the preview window on the dialog box, like this:

The next step is the customization page, where you can name your project, modify your video, and incorporate your message and branding elements.

Actions include adjusting the duration for every segment, adding footage, changing audio clips, and much more.

Additionally, Boosted saves changes automatically on its cloud-based storage (My Projects on your homepage), so you can save your draft and return to it anytime.

When you’re finished and ready to use the video, click Export.

Tips to Use Boosted for Social Video Ads

Leverage and merge those handy Boosted features with these tips when creating your video ads for specific social platforms.

1. Facebook

First, capture your audience with attention-grabbing visuals and thumbnails illustrating your most essential information. Make your video ads short (15 to 90 seconds) to keep viewer engagement at its peak.

You should also size your video ads vertically and autoplay them without sound. This makes your ads more mobile-friendly.

Then, before uploading your video ad directly on Facebook, ensure it’s the right size for your chosen format. The platform posted a guide with its recommended technical specifications for your material. Finally, time your video ads’ publication and appearance strategically – that is, when your buyers actively like, comment, or share your content.

2. Instagram

Like Facebook, make your video ads eye-popping and keep them snappy. Autoplay them silently as well and use subtitles to engage your viewers even more.

To promote your brand on Instagram, creatively display titles, graphics, animated texts, and bright colors to convey your company messages. Leverage this technique to give value to your audience with your video ads and keep them from looking like mere business ads.

You must also size your Instagram video ads appropriately. Use square for ads appearing on the feed and vertically rectangular for your stories. And don’t forget to use the right hashtags.

3. LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, you should offer immense value and sound professional in your video ads. Keep them at the right duration and captivate your viewers from the start with Boosted’s eye-catching templates, filters, colors, music, etc.

When posting your video ad, tag or mention relevant connections in your network, e.g., business partners, clients, vendors, colleagues, and others.

Let your video ads revolve around specific trending industry topics and insert applicable hashtags, but more sparingly than on other platforms.

4. YouTube

Before anything else, invest in knowing your YouTube audience. What’s advantageous about using Boosted is you can easily create stellar, professional-looking video ads despite being a videography rookie.

Next, dazzle your viewers with Boosted’s templates, video styles, colors, etc., for at least 30 seconds. Only then can YouTube record this minimum dwell time as a view on your performance metrics.

Also, make sure to leverage Boosted’s excellent audio tracks as background music for your video ads to catch your viewers’ attention. Additionally, showcase someone as the face of your business to give your video ads a personal touch. Lastly, make your video ads SEO-friendly by inserting calls-to-action in them and keywords in your title, description, and others.

5. TikTok

Wow your TikTok audience with jaw-dropping templates, video styles, and background music from Boosted or your files – and weave these with the latest trends or your brand’s version of them.

Throw in platform-specific hashtags and keep your TikTok video ads 15 seconds long to engage your audience effectively and comply with the platform’s music licensing rules.

Think global when producing your TikTok video ads, use vertical orientation, and time their publication strategically – i.e., according to your audience’s peak viewing times.

Intensify your video ads on social media with Boosted

You can design your video ads in several ways with Boosted’s nifty features to wow and capture your audiences and promote your brand on any social platform.

Using Boosted, you can create videos in a much shorter time and for far less cost than traditional production processes. Invest in Lightricks Boosted now to experience favorable business returns fast and outperform your rivals.

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