January 6, 2021

5 Vape Apps You Should Try for Mobile Devices

Nowadays, everyone needs an app for every type of use. Vaping is not any except for this. Vapers need to take care of things like vaping device battery, vape juice, health, Pod modification, liquid customization, nicotine levels, stay updated in the community, and many more. There are literally hundreds of apps available in the app stores of Android and other app stores dedicated to vaping. Each one of them is useful to an extent. There are many web-based applications too, and they’re also very good. Today, we will talk about 5 of the best mobile apps you should try for vaping.

So here we start our list of 5 Vape Apps You Should Try for Mobile Devices-


Vaffle in simple language is like Instagram but just for vapers. You can post photos and videos, chat with people, follow people, and other things you can simply do on Instagram. But the theme is everything is based on vaping. So it’s just for vapers. To be honest, this app is very stable and well organized. It is a complete social app dedicated to the vapers or vaping community.

Most of the social apps now like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook aren’t good with smoking and vaping, but as the app is dedicated to vaping, this app just fills the emptiness for that. Its interface is pretty organized and has everything in it, like Instagram or Twitter. Short videos can be directly uploaded from the app, and for the longer ones, you can connect your youtube channel directly to the app. So you’ll see lots of vape stars in this app!

There are other sections dedicated like a review, e-liquid, diary, and lots of other tools that come in handy when you are vaping. You can review your vaping experience with a specific device or a liquid in the review section. You can also make recipes about DIY juices and share them with others And likely follow other recipes. You can also maintain a diary and your app will show you some spectacular specs about your devices and other things like liquids or other gears.

Vaffle is available for free at the Android and Apple app store and got decent reviews about itself!

LiqCalc – Liquid Calculator

LiqCalc has a very user-friendly interface. You can do calculations of vape juice real fast and easy. It has very useful features. It is most important if it is a liquid calculator with many tools and other tools like my recipes, call reminders, etc. It’s mind-blowing liquid calculation tools like- base status and flavor mixture with nicotine shots and amount of liquid from the flavor with flavor reducing and increasing. It also offers some pretty good tools like a performance calculator, battery calculator, and a saving calculator. All these features are for free!

LiqCalc is available in the Google play store. It is over 100,000+ downloads in Google Play Store and rated 4.6 by 4300+ people. And we suggest you to try this app out definitely!

Ohm’s Law

If you’re customizing or willing to modify, this app is the most essential tool that can help you. Anyone who does customization NEEDS to understand Ohm’s law before vaping. Though you may think you can do that easily, but for accuracy, you always got to do the math.

There are a ton of Ohm’s law and resistance calculators on the Android and iOS store. But its beautiful, simple and attractive design will make you come back to this one. For example, even vaping beginners will be able to calculate accurate voltage, wattage, resistance, current, and power just by providing two simple values. Isn’t that great?

And even if you are not modifying or customizing, you can have it to calculate your device and e-liquid safety. Though the app’s free but you can always pay for an ad-free version.

The Vape Tool

The Vape Tool is the highest rated app for e juice in Google Play Store for vaping. It can give you complete knowledge of vaping if you know all the basics. It has a very comfy user-friendly design that helps new users to be comfortable with it. It helps its users to prepare DIY liquid. Also, it provides in-depth knowledge about true vaping and coil knowledge like the resistance of the coil, minimum resistance, and maximum vape current.

It is generally free for Android at the Play Store, but it also has a paid version with more features and is obviously ad free.

Vape Boss

Whenever you Google “vape app.” you’ll see the name vape boss, Even if you don’t know it.

That’s because it isn’t just an app. It’s a fully dedicated mobile platform for vapers with news, shopping, social networking, photo and video sharing, tips, and more.

It was launched in 2014 with the aim of a one-stop solution for vapers. With just simple taps, users are able to find nearby shops of their favorite device gear or e-liquids, product reviews, and a buy-sell platform to trade and share vape products.

With a clean and attractive interface, Vape Boss not only has its own app, but the platform can be licensed and customized by any retailer to promote their own businesses. So, if you search “vape app” in google, you might not only see the core Vape Boss listing but hundreds of nearby vape shops using the tool for their own purposes.

Vape Boss also helps shops be featured retailers, build SEO-driven websites, and much more, showing just how dedicated they are to the vaping community.


So we told you about the five most useful vaping apps and their uses. All of these are great apps. There are some features you need the most, and other apps also have them. So we suggest you try all of them if possible before settling down to your favorite e-liquid app. Cause who knows? Maybe the one you were ignoring felt far better than the one you were using!

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