September 5, 2019

5 well Managed WordPress Web Hosts!

Almost every web host out there can run WordPress sits, but they will run them just fine, nothing exceptional. The best web hosting which can run WordPress sites best are the fully managed WordPress hosts. You all must be wondering what is Managed, WordPress host. Well, the “Managed WordPress” actually means the structure with which your WordPress site is hosted. They are specially tailored for the WordPress sites, which results in delivering a faster, stable, and secure site than that of the WordPress sites running with typical hosting plans.

We have gathered the best well-managed WordPress hosts, which will make your site all the more compatible.

Our top picks are:

  • WP Engine
  • Flywheel
  • Pressable
  • Liquid Web
  • Kinsta

Managed WordPress hosting is far way effective than that of the shared web hosting but is significantly costly than shared – Yes, we are talking about $30-$100 per month versus $5- $20. Such Web hostings are designed to deliver better performance and security to the WordPress sites. The above mentions Web hosting providers are best for the businesses who just can’t afford any glitches, delay, or downtime. They are absolutely worth every penny spent on them. So without any delay let’s dig into their features to decide which one is the best among the above mentioned.

WP Engine:

WP Engine is a prominent name in the WordPress hosting industry. This name always come up when we talk about the managed WordPress hosting, which shows its credibility clearly. You can say that it is like a five-star hotel which offers unique and efficient services, comprehensive and concise.

WP engine’s plans are extremely reasonable compares to the features they are providing. It facilitates starters, medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises, all with cost-effectiveness and quality.

Following are the plans that you can avail to make the performance of your site even better.


WP Engine offers a diverse range of features to ensure the updating and security at all times.

  • Automated Migration: The migration tool provided by WP Engine allows you to easily migrate WordPress site from some other host to WP Engine.
  • Staging Sites: Feature of staging site, allows you to generate a clone site for testing purposes. For example, you are planning to introduce some new categories or functionalities on your site. Before making it live, you can test it on the clone site to ensure everything’s alright.
  • Billing Transfer Feature: If you’re a web developer, then this feature is very helpful. Rather than asking for credit card info from the client, WP Engine’s billing transfer feature helps you in this regard.


If WP Engine is a five-star hotel, the Flywheel is like a sister. Whereas Flywheel is new in the industry and its slick, user-friendly interface and exceptional services to different niches. I am facilitating small scale businesses as well as the freelance designers and design agencies. The flywheel has a lower price as compared to the WP Engine for starters.

The best thing about Flywheel is that it provides plans which are distinguished by the number of sites – that is how many sites a particular plan can cater. They provide three different plans for single sites and three for multiple sites. These plans provide a power pack features to fuel your WordPress site at reasonable prices.

A site’s speed depends highly on a quality web host and internet service. Sometimes people just create an opinion about a site and say that it takes hours to load, but mostly it’s their internet messing with them. If you’re facing the same issue, then click here to avail high-speed internet at lowest rates possible.


Flywheel offers the following features:

  • Provide Automatic Updates
  • Automatic backup facility
  • Flywheel uses server size caching, which makes your site to load quickly without the help of a caching plugin.
  • Provides free SSL certificate
  • 24/7 Customer support


Kinsta is another prominent name in the Web hosting industry and hugely emphasize the scalability. Its pricing is almost similar to that of the WP Engine. Its cheapest plan starts at $30 and goes up to $100. The best thing about Kinsta is that it provides almost the same features across different plans so that you don’t have to update plans to unlock better features.

The drawback is that Kinsta doesn’t provide CDN, Staging and multistate features in their lowest plans, rather you have to get them as add on for $10.


If you own only one site, then I’d suggest you eliminate Pressable from your list. Like a flywheel, it is created to facilitate the freelancers and agencies. The amazing thing about it is that its cheapest plan can facilitate up to 5 sites and will cost only $25. And if you are managing multiple sites, the Pressable offers cost-effective packages which make it a competitive option.

Following are the packages rates:

  • $25 for 5 sites and 60,000 Pageviews
  • $45 for 10 sites and 200,000 Pageviews
  • $90 for 20 sites and 400,000 Pageviews


  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Migration
  • Free CDN
  • Automatic backups

Liquid Web:

Well, Liquid Web is the most expensive of the list; that is why it’s in the last. It is a very strong web hosting service specially created to serve powerhouses. Its cheapest plan cost around $99 for 10 sites. It is suitable for enterprises or the people who are handling multiple WordPress sites then this is the best option for you. Let’s dig into its features without any delay.


  • Automatic updating
  • Can manage bulk from a single dashboard
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • All level access to SFTP
  • All level access to MySQL and SSH
  • Provides Git version control
  • Ensures security
  • Provide speed and customer support

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