April 26, 2021

6 Advantages of Smart Home Gadgets

There is no doubt that we are currently in the most advanced technological age of mankind. All around us, we are surrounded by marvels of innovation, from the field of personal electronics to medicine to entertainment. All this technology makes our life easier and allows us to be connected and accomplish our daily tasks in the best possible manner!

Smart home gadgets are rapidly making inroads with great advancement. Smart home gadgets are the turn of the century, from smart thermostats and smart air conditioning controllers to smart pet bowls. These nifty little devices make our home a smart ecosystem, where appliances and users are interconnected and can perform functions never imagined before.

Let’s see some advantages of smart home gadgets, which are sure to compel you to convert your basic home to a ‘smart home.’

Comfort and Convenience

Perhaps one of the primary advantages of smart home gadgets is that they provide unparalleled comfort and convenience. If there is a ring on your doorbell, you do not have to get up and go to the door yourself. A smart doorbell can let you know who is at the door through a camera, and you can allow the door to open using your smartphone.

Let’s take an air conditioner as an example. Your regular air conditioners can become smart if you get yourself a smart AC controller if you have a mini-split, or a smart thermostat if you have central air. Your home will always maintain the best climate throughout the day without you having to struggle with the remote control. All your air conditioning controls will be available on your phone.

You can even set intelligent triggers for even more comfort. For example, with geofencing, your air conditioning can automatically switch on when you are 3 miles away, or your smart blinds can automatically shut when it’s extremely sunny outside.


With smart home gadgets, you can be in complete peace of mind when you are away at the office or even on vacation. You do not have to be worried about a break-in or be in the dark as to who came and went to your home. With a smart doorbell, you can have live surveillance of your doors and know who has been trying to get a peek in.

With motion sensor-activated cameras, you can have the complete picture around your home. These gadgets can activate as soon as they sense someone in the vicinity and give you a notification on your smartphone at that very instant. They also allow you to instantly take action such as call your security company.

Save Energy

A smart home system, or even a specific gadget, might be expensive to buy initially, but it pays itself off with energy savings in the longer run. With better efficiency, you can actually save many bucks on your utility bills. During the pandemic, with most of the time being spent at home, it is necessary to follow some tips and tricks that will help you increase your savings.

With smart plugs and smart lights, you can turn unneeded appliances off from anywhere using your smartphone. Air conditioning contributes a lot to utility bills, but with smart AC controllers and smart thermostats, you can actually notice a significant decrease in your bills. Moreover, these smart gadgets can provide you with energy audits and usage history, giving you a complete picture of your usage. You can then make the necessary adjustments to further reduce your energy consumption, such as going for an HVAC energy audit.

Smart Assistance

Why do the house chores yourself when your smart device can do it for you? Chores can get very hectic, very fast. It is advisable to get a little bit of help to get you through the day, and smart gadgets provide exactly that. With a smart oven, you can preheat your dinner and have it ready by the time you are ready to eat. No more waiting for hot food when you are hungry.

A smart vacuum can similarly help with cleaning on a lazy weekend. The possibilities are endless with smart home gadgets. You can order devices around with voice controls and have them work in perfect symphony while lounging around.

Healthy Living

Personalized health tracking devices, such as smartwatches, are now becoming the norm. They can keep track of your vitals and monitor them over time. If there is any discrepancy or variation, it can promptly alert you. Temperature, heart rate, oxygen saturation are vitals that are important to note down and often forgotten. Newer models of smartwatches can even track your ECG!

Another important consideration is the sleep cycle. A proper sleep cycle ensures a productive day, and if you aren’t getting the right number of hours on the bed, it may be a sign of a deeper underlying problem. Smart lights can regulate themselves and their color and hue according to the time of day and weather so that you don’t have too much brightness at night, which can interfere with your sleep cycle. Smart AC controllers can keep the temperature just perfect for sleeping, ensuring a good night’s sleep!

Be Cool!

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Who doesn’t want to impress their neighbors or friends? You are sitting at a party, and with just a voice command, the music comes on, the lights turn off, the temperature is adjusted, and much more! That will surely wow your friends! Be the talk of the town with a complete smart home, and get more people on board the smart home revolution.

Next time your guests ask you how your home is the perfect temperature all the time or how your energy bills are so low, you know what to tell them!

Smart home gadgets are becoming the norm across homes all over the country. They can be helpful in almost every aspect of our home and change our lives for the better!

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