January 30, 2021

6 Creative Brands on TikTok to Take Inspiration From

Without any exaggeration, TikTok is the world’s fastest-growing and most popular social platform. Therefore, stepping into 2021 without integrating TikTok into your brand’s digital marketing strategy seems almost unimaginable. TikTok is everywhere and TikTok is for everyone! From publishers to sportsmen, from makeup artists to fitness instructors, from news anchors to non-profit organizations –  they all share the app’s creative ethos: “Don’t Make Ads, Make TikToks”.

Are you looking for some inspiration to perfect your TikTok marketing strategy? Keep on reading. We have listed six brands with the most creative and exciting content to take inspiration from.

Fenty Beauty by Rihhana (@fentybeauty) – Fenty Beauty is a trendsetter on TikTok for beauty companies in several ways. It was the first to create a Fenty Beauty TikTok House – a conceptual online space mainly for beauty influencers to showcase its products and record makeup tutorials. It also successfully uses branded hashtags for marketing purposes. E.g hashtag #FentyBeautyHouse went viral on TikTok with more than 100 million users posting their in-house makeup looks inspired by Fenty Beauty!

Fortnite Official (@fortnite) – Fortnite is a popular online video game, which has successfully used Gen Z-friendly TikTok to increase the numbers of its consumers. For now, the official account has 3.5 million fans and 10.5 million likes.  The brand went viral on TikTok after #EmoteRoyaleContest – a dance challenge popular even among celebrities. Undoubtedly, dancing is a great way to release stress and engage your audience!

Netflix (@netflix) – without any surprise American over the top content platform identified all the perks of TikTok soon enough. Netflix’s TikTok content has been liked 168.8 million times worldwide. The brand’s strategy is quite simple – they post videos from most popular TV Shows, movies, interviews with celebrities, sometimes even memes and more. What do most of the people do in lockdowns? They watch Netflix.

The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) – Washington Post knows how to grab its followers’ attention and increase its number of subscribers and readers on a global scale.  If you think that as reputable and serious newspaper as the Washington Post would create only news-related content, just have a look at their TikTok account! You will find funny and engaging videos about lockdown lifestyle or behind-the-scenes moments to showcase the personal lives of its journalists.

The National Football League (@NFL) – NFL is actually doing a great job on TikTok. The organization has a 2-year partnership plan with the platform, aiming to reach out to the younger generation. NFL’s two branded hashtags have been a huge success: #WeReady hashtag challenge campaign which got more than 1 billion views and the #GoingPro hashtag challenge which received 6.5 billion views!

Chipotle Mexican Grill (@chipotle) – if you are fond of Mexican tacos and burritos, you are most probably familiar with this brand. And even if you are not, chances that Chipotle’s viral videos have not appeared on your “For You” page are quite low. The brand has made TikTok central in its social media marketing strategy and launched several branded challenges quite successfully. For now, Chipotle has 1.4 million fans and its videos have been liked by 24.5 million times.

The brands listed above illustrate that the perks of TikTok can be utilized regardless of the industry your company operates in. Therefore, if you have not opened a business account yet, you have better start right now. Get TikTok likes to faster attract more followers, create a posting strategy, focus more on the content rather than aesthetics, collaborate with the relevant influencers, be consistent, engage with your followers and enjoy the fruit of your labor!

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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