January 27, 2022

6 essential supplies to always keep at home for your pet

Keeping a pet is not as easy as it sounds. They require constant care and affection, especially at the infant stages. Once they feel at home and get accustomed to your life, then it gets easy from there. Getting a new pet makes you more responsible, happy, and patient.

A recent survey has shown that 71% of dog parents believe that their pup has made them happier, 52% claimed that they are more responsible since they had their pet and nearly four in every five survey person confessed that their day is automatically better if their pet greets them first thing in the morning. These are just a few confessions on how owning a pet is hard work but worth every bit of it.

Now that we both agree on these points, let’s take a look at a few essential things you need to take care of. This particular list mentions the supplies that you must always keep handy if you’re a pet at home.

Let’s get started.

Pet food

The most obvious essential item you need to have with yourself is pet food. Pets get hungry very often. If it’s an infant then they need to be properly fed to ensure good development of bones and mind.

But before buying any random pet food from the store, consult the vet. Ask him what foods will be good for them and at what times they should be fed. Also, inquire if the pet needs any extra supplements for good health.

While giving dry pet food, make sure there’s another bowl of water kept beside them so they are able to drink from it.

Poop bags

If you don’t want to put your leg accidentally on the poop, then make sure you have this item with you. Pets poop anywhere unless they have been given training, and even after they do, it’s important that they should be taken out regularly because it becomes a hub for bacteria and germs.

And if the pet is infected by these bacteria, it will pass on to you in no time. So, make sure you have this on the list.

First aid kits

Pets are bound to get hurt while doing a lot of activities. But there’s no need to panic. Unless it’s pretty serious, you can handle things yourself, without going to the vet. Having some first aid supplies in the closet is actually going to help provide treatment faster and better.

Some of the few items you can have are…

  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Bandages
  • Adhesive tape
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Cotton balls
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Tweezers
  • Digital thermometer
  • A muzzle.

You can create one yourself or buy it ready-made from the market. Either way, it’s good to a first-aid kit for your pet at all times.

Pet grooming brush

Brushing or Grooming your dog’s hair daily will help remove dead hair, make it shiny, and will keep it from getting tangled. Regular brushing will also lessen the amount of hair lying around the house.

A lot of times, dirt and small insects breed inside the hair. Using good shampoos and brushing will not let that happen. PETstock has a wide variety of dog-friendly, good-quality shampoos for you to explore.

You can also check out the different types of pet brushes available for sale, from wired to bristle.

Nail trimmer

Pet nails contain a lot of dirt and bacteria that can prove harmful to them and you as well. Pets also have a tendency to scratch no matter how well they are trained, so it’s better to have a nail trimmer with yourself. Trim their nails regularly within a span of 2 weeks or sooner if you wish to.

Stain and odor remover

A stain and odor remover is the best item any pet owner can have. Pets have a smell that can be very unpleasant to many owners.

Also, everyday activities may lead to different stains and odors around the house. In such situations, a good stain and odor remover helps to get rid of the unpleasantries. Go for ones that neutralize the smell rather than produce a counter smell.

Over to you…

And finally, the most essential item on the list is immense love for your pet. They won’t need anything else ever if you cuddle and play with them like your own.

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