May 12, 2022

6 Tips for Viewing Instagram Content Anonymously

Instagram is a world of its own where you can meet new people, connect with friends, and share parts of your life with others. Using Insta stories, reels, and IGTVs, you can share content and view other people’s content on IG. The caveat, of course, is that Instagram tells its users when someone views or engages their post.

While there’s ordinarily no harm in this, there are times when you might want to view content without letting the user know. Perhaps you want to peek into a brand’s strategy without leaving any footprint behind, or maybe you just want to check how many views a story’s got. Whatever reason it is, there are ways to work around viewing content discreetly without alerting the owner.

Here are six tips for viewing Instagram content anonymously:

1. Click the Following Story and Swipe Back

This is applicable when you want to view Instagram stories anonymously. Instagram’s interface allows you to swipe between different stories. This is the principle on which this tip is built. Locate the story you want to view on the user’s profile. Click the profile next to the desired one you to view secretly. Tap on its story and swipe swiftly to the story you want to view. 

You should be careful while swiping. If you swipe all the way, the user will see that you’ve viewed the content. Your desired story will appear on the adjacent side of a 3D box, and you can view it anonymously. However, this method has its limitations. Firstly, it’s possible to make the mistake of swiping all the way. Also, you can only view the first story on the feed. You also can’t view any videos.

2. Create Another Instagram Profile

This is an easy way to discreetly view Instagram stories. All you have to do is create another account with a username that can’t be traced to you. This way, you can follow the desired account and view their posts and stories without being recognized. It’s just like putting on a mask and walking gallantly on the street.

An advantage of this method is you don’t have to log out of your main account. Instagram has made it easy to add multiple accounts on the Instagram app on the same phone. Just ensure to switch accounts so your primary account doesn’t snitch on you.

With the new profile you created for yourself, you can watch and visualize content on the desired profiles and remain anonymous. You can also build the page to make it look less like a burner account. You can easily do this by getting more followers and viewers for stories.

3. Use the Airplane Mode

The airplane mode of your phone would help with the mission of viewing Instagram content anonymously if you know how to use it. Instagram often allows the preload of stories even when you don’t have the internet connection to view them. Based on this principle, you can check out stories without being seen.

Open the Instagram app on your phone and wait for a moment to allow the stories to load. After a few seconds, turn on the airplane mode of your Android or iOS phone. You can then head back to Instagram and watch the already loaded stories. This way, the user wouldn’t know you saw it. The only limitation to this method is that it works to see only a few stories. Instagram wouldn’t preload a long sequence of stories.

4. Use the Web

Another way to view Instagram content anonymously is to use the web. You’d be able to view people’s content without them knowing. All you have to do is install the Google Chrome IG story extension. After downloading, click the Instagram web version and login with your details. You can then start viewing without leaving a footprint behind. 

An alternative is to go to With this website, you can view stories anonymously by entering the user’s Instagram ID and clicking on the search icon. With this, you can view and even download stories without being caught.

5. Use Third-Party Apps

This involves using Instagram viewer apps for viewing Instagram content anonymously. For Android users, download the Blindstory app and log in to your Instagram account. Search for the account whose story you want to see. This way, you’d be able to view stories without the user knowing.

For iOS users, download Repost Stories from your store. Through the app, log in to your Instagram account and search for the desired story you want to view. The users’ list of posts and stories will appear, and you can search and save content as much as you want.

6. Use Online Services

You can use online services to view content on Instagram anonymously. The good thing is you don’t have to download or register with such a service. All you need is your internet connection to have them work for you. With these services, you can view and download Instagram content.

To use them, copy the link to the Instagram profile of the user whose story you want to watch secretly. Paste this link to the search bar of your selected online service and click the option to download. You’d be able to see all recent content from the profile and decide to watch and download as much as you want. Also, the quality in which the content was uploaded is the same. It’ll be downloaded without any reduction in resolution and free from watermarks.

Reasons to View Instagram Contents Anonymously

It’s possible to view content on Instagram without being seen. However, this should be for genuine reasons and not disrespect people’s privacy. You can apply these tips when you want to watch stories without being seen to observe the digital marketing strategies that are being used by your competitors.

You may also need to look into other brands and marketing agencies or bloggers to see what they’re doing, study new trends, as well as observe how the consumers or target audience engages with the content. These tips would also be helpful if you’re a company and want to hire a digital influencer. You may need to view their Instagram content anonymously to see if they’re the best for your job.


There are several ways to view Instagram content without alerting the owner of the account. Online services, third-party apps, using another Instagram profile, and other methods outlined here are all effective means you can try. However, you shouldn’t forget to apply these tips responsibly.

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