November 14, 2020

6 Tried-and-Tested Techniques to Grow Your Business’ Instagram Following

Being on Instagram isn’t enough for your business. To make your Instagram account to be worth the time and effort you put into it, you must use it properly and constantly engage with your followers.

But it’s only possible to engage those people if you have followers, to begin with. Unfortunately, Instagram followers won’t just roll in the moment you create your account.

While it takes time to grow a large following for your business on Instagram, you can pull it off if you are consistent. This popular photo-sharing app can turn into an important addition to the social marketing strategies of your company. In this article, we tell you the tried-and-tested techniques to grow Instagram following for your business, including why the buy followers options method is gaining traction for those who want fame.

Make it a Habit to Share Good Content Always

If there is one thing that the advent of the smartphone has done, it is to demystify photography. Today, you don’t need to be a pro photographer to take a great image.

However, do not mistake this with the fact that you still have to invest some time and effort to edit your photos and make them eye-catching and professional.

There are a host of free photo-editing tools all over the internet, and one of these is an app called Instasize. However, do not be carried away because there are times when all you need is a slight improvement of exposure and contrast.

By consistently sharing great videos and photos, you will stand out and be unique from similar businesses that are sharing poorly done photos.

Be Interactive

Your aim is building and keeping your followers. While you may invest in strategies that attract new followers for your business, it is equally important to retain them. Unfortunately, this is often the hard part. One tip that can help you retain your followers is ensuring that, in addition to being your followers, they are also your long-term clients.

You should, therefore, make a conscious effort to respond to the comments they make on your posts, follow them back, tag relevant people, go live, and repost them.

Address any issue that your followers have personally via the direct messaging feature. Go the extra mile to call or text them to ensure they are satisfied on the issue.

Still on the same, do not over-rely on Instagram alone as your form of digital marketing. Instead, incorporate other marketing methods as well. Remember though that Instagram marketing allows you to reach your business’ ideal audience.


Keep Tabs of Hashtags in Your Niche

Communities tend to form on Instagram on shared interests. Instagram allowed me to meet several people that I bumped on when I was going through content that we both have an interest in. People form communities around things like dreadlocks and videography among other things. After discovering these people, we follow each other and start reacting to each other’s posts.

Exploring and keeping track on relevant hashtags can enable you to grow your Instagram community with time.

Identify accounts in the same industry as yours and follow them. This even includes similar businesses you aren’t in direct competition with, users showing interest in the kind of content you post, and industry thought leaders. Also, follow people that fit into your buyer personas or target audience.

You can be sure that these accounts won’t hesitate to reciprocate and follow you back. More importantly, they are likely to engage with you back if you do so.

Organize a Contest with another Account

Nobody hates winning things!

You can partner with another Instagram business account in the same niche as yours and offer a great contest or giveaway. As a requirement to be entered into the contest, have the users follow both the two accounts.

In case you two have similar customer profiles, chances are that you will gain a decent amount of followers.

Promote Your Account

It can be a big mistake to buy followers instagram and then overlook your Instagram account when promoting your brand materials and social media accounts.

Chances are that you include your FB account on your every marketing platform because everyone seems to be on Facebook. But you should equally know that Instagram tops all the social networking sites for US teens right now. Also, it has better stats in terms of content sharing and engagement.

Therefore, start promoting your Instagram account on your online content, product packaging, or anything good that your business is known for. You are putting a lot of effort on creating a good Instagram account, so you shouldn’t be afraid to show it off.

Buy Followers

It can take quite a lot of time to grow your Instagram followers. While the big guys and the more established businesses in the market can afford to wait, a startup with just a handful of followers will be hit hard as it waits to grow a significant amount of following.

The trick is to purchase real human followers from a reputable site like Once you buy followers, you need to engage them and keep posting high-quality and relevant content to win them over.

Also, make sure that you post consistently and interact with others, and you will be sure to see a steady growth of your numbers. There is no point in buying followers and not making a conscious effort to engage them and promote to them.


After building a robust Instagram following, you will have even more options for promoting your establishment on the app. It will reach a time when you can send your followers straight to your website from your Instagram account, and all you will need is a simple swipe.

Instagram is an important marketing platform for businesses and if you aren’t taking advantage of it, you are missing out.

With over a billion users and 500 million people using the photo-sharing app everyday Instagram has emerged as an important marketing platform for businesses both big and small. To take the most advantage of the platform, first start by building a following. Buy followers from today to kick-start your Instagram marketing campaign.


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