April 26, 2020

7 Best Online PDF Editors In 2020

It is likely that at some point you need to use a PDF editor. So the question is how can you edit pdf online for free?

I have listed some of the pdf editors which you can use to edit pdf online without paying any money.

The truth is that there are paid and also free, but we cannot forget the online PDF editors that include many tools to edit your PDFs. In this sense it will not be difficult for you to find a variety of alternatives, some more complete than others, most offer the right and necessary tools for the most basic tasks, so these PDF editors are more than solvent for all users.

Most of them are free, and most are quite complete, so you will have enough leftovers and use any of the online options because you are probably not willing to pay for a payment utility. If you are new to this type of online utilities, it is convenient to know some of the best PDF editors that you can find on the Internet, so you can know what each of them offers and choose one or the other option depending on whether it satisfies or not your needs.

You can edit pdf online for free using these pdf editors:

PDFelement Pro

This is the best PDF editor for now. PDFelement Pro gives us the convenience to edit various PDF files, including annotating, converting, protecting, sharing, OCR(Optical Character Recognition), and many more. When we run this tool, we will feel we are in Microsoft Word. So easy!

combine pdfs into one

Downloading this is quite easy, and you will not encounter any difficulties in the installation process. If you encounter forms that are difficult to edit by other applications, you don’t need to worry because with PDFelement Pro, all PDF files can be processed, and even the process of transferring data from PDF to Excel has been simplified. No need to enter data manually because this tool can extract form field information from identical PDF files into just one file! (.CSV). If you encounter some difficulties, you can easily contact customer service. All the limitations that you encounter in standard PDF elements, no longer exist in PDFelement Pro. With so many features and conveniences offered, we, without doubt, mention that this is the best PDF editor to date! See more features of PDFelement Pro here>>

extract table from pdf to excel

If you are interested in the pro version, you can have the best price to try it now>>


PDF Bob is one of the most unknown online PDF editors, without this meaning that it dispenses with a variety of options. Its operation is very simple, as soon as you enter you can access the editor that will allow you to edit any PDF document you want. With PDF Bob, you can add texts as annotations in your PDFs by way of some clarification, for example, and also add geometric shapes, such as rectangles, circles, arrows, lines, and others in order to mark or point to any part of the document.



Another of the simplest online options for editing PDF is LightPDF. As the editor itself, LightPDF offers the possibility of adding forms to the document, as well as text and highlighting or highlighting any part of the text in different colors. And then, there are some more specific tools, which go through the PDF converter to different formats known by users (Word, PPT, TXT, etc.) and actions such as putting watermarks, joining, or dividing the PDF, unlocking, protect with password, etc.LightPDF-logo.png


Another of the online PDF editors that you can try is Smallpdf, a well-known tool that offers a multitude of possibilities. Unlike the previous one, this utility has a payment option that offers advanced features and some improvements. Apart from a large number of editing options it offers (add text, shapes, text, draw, and so on), you can also compress a PDF, divide, join, rotate, and some other options. You can also convert PDFs to other formats and from other files to PDF.


PDF24 Tools

Another very interesting online editor that offers a variety of options is PDF24 Tools. It has an editor to perform specific actions on the PDF (underline, add text, shapes or some image, etc.) and other more general possibilities on the PDF file itself. Among some of its most relevant functions, there is the option of joining PDFs or dividing them; that is, with PDF24 Tools, you can join several PDFs into one or do the opposite, starting from a single PDF with several pages dividing them into more files.


PDF Zorro

It does not stop having a curious name, but the truth is that it is another online PDF editor. PDF Zorro has practically the same operation as the previous options to upload a PDF so that the user can execute these different actions. You can add shapes, highlight color text, add text of any kind or even delete text if you wish. These are specific actions that you can perform on one or more of the pages of a PDF in case you have a PDF with more than one page.


PDF 2 Go

PDF 2 Go is another free online PDF document editor with multiple options. As with the previous ones, it offers the editing part and also has different utilities to make on a PDF that is not the edition of the document itself. In the online editor, a user can add different shapes or any text, highlight the text in colors as if he did it with a color highlighter, add a drawing or handwritten text, add an image, etc. If what you are looking for are utilities to apply on the PDF, PDF 2 Go also has them; You can compress a PDF to reduce its size and take up less space, protect it, merge several PDFs into one, convert other formats to PDF and more.


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