November 16, 2020

7 Tips for Using Instagram for Your Business

Instagram is one of the popular social media which has over one billion active users monthly worldwide. This social media has more audience engagement than the other social media handles like Twitter or Facebook. This has given different kinds of business owners the exciting opportunity to engage with their targeted audience without spending huge amounts on advertising. The business profile of Instagram is a third-party platform, and hence different companies can take great advantage of this platform. Whether you are thinking of updating the business strategy or you are a newcomer to social media, here is a list of seven ways to use Instagram successfully for your business. Here are Seven Tips on Using Instagram for business-

Use creativity for your business

The company that will be using Instagram for their business must highlight their services and not the products that their services. In this social media platform, one must add value so that the customers feel attracted to it. One must never underestimate the power of visual content. If the business is oriented around services, then show the processes that go beyond providing the service to the customers. Show the culture of the company, the mission, and other such engaging matters. Instagram has options for uploading pictures, small videos and one can use the Instagram video editor to edit their videos.

Try Instagram Stories

The Instagram stories can only be added for 24 hours and are in a slideshow format. By using this format, businesses can benefit in multiple ways. Some of them are:

  • The stories on Instagram are shown just under the logo of Instagram.
  • One can use the stories to show behind-the-scenes activities to engage the target audience to your business.
  • The Instagram stories help one to experiment with different kinds of content like photos or short videos.
  • You can also tag other Instagram accounts and look for collaborators and social media influencers.
  • You can take several photos and videos to the stories, and they will be played in the format that you have published it in.
  • The Instagram Stories adverts were made available to businesses globally in 2017. One can use this feature to target prospective audiences and increase their reach on social media,
  • The hashtags and the locations added to the Instagram stories make it easy to discover your business by the prospective audience.


Instagram IGTV allows users to upload long videos. These videos give the makers ample opportunities to make fun and engaging video content.

Using Instagram stories for different businesses has its advantages.

  • The videos can be made as short as 60 seconds to as long as an hour.
  • There is the Following tab on IGTV, and this allows the fans to easily access your content. The Followers are instantly alerted whenever there is something new posted.
  • The users can leave their comments on the IGTV videos, and everyone can read the comments. This will be valuable proof of your brand on social media.

Creation of a winning Instagram profile

On Instagram, the only part in the profile that is clickable is in the Bio section, update the section often. Most brands simply provide a link to their official website and do nothing else. However, you can use this space to drive customers to registering for events, downloading apps made by your companies, and even ensure that they purchase products from your company. The Instagram Business profiles help to add your business contact number to the Bio. This helps in reaching out to even more audiences.

Give a Sneak peek of Behind-the-scenes activities

If you sell products, then give a sneak peek into how the materials are sourced, how the products are made and distributed to the audience. This will help them to connect with the brand and also know about it. Take a good picture and upload it to your profile. Even small videos can be uploaded to give an idea of the hard work that goes behind making a product.

These videos will make the target audience understand the efforts that your brand is putting to make products for the audience. If the audience is satisfied, they will share news about your company with others, leading to more customers.

Increase reach by using #hashtags

Using hashtags is effective in increasing the reach of a brand. You can use it for specific company events or in general to promote the brand too. Set up a hashtag for the company and use it on the posts you share. This will make it easy for the audience to find the company. Using three to five hashtags is ideal for an Instagram post.

Using intro makers

Video Creek is an amazing platform for making interesting and engaging introductions for the videos you post on Instagram. There are even free video introductions and video tools that you can use in the videos to increase its appeal to the target audience of your business. The online video creator can be used by both experienced and not so experienced individuals to make interesting videos. For using this platform, no software installation is required. One can simply visit their site and get their videos composed.

Final Words

These are seven simple tips with the help of which one can increase the reach of the Instagram business profile and also enhance the performance of the channel. With greater reach, you will have more potential customers. That will help to increase the business and gain substantial profits from it.

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