March 24, 2022

9 Websites To Follow For The Latest Technology Updates

In modern times, technology is advancing with quantum leaps. Almost every other day, the world is witnessing a surge of new technological inventions or the release of tech-oriented products. To keep up with the latest news and updates, we are also experiencing a deluge of tech news sites.

Most websites providing tech news either come up with clickbait titles or provide unverified information. Some even repurpose old updates to increase traffic on their website. In this situation, finding a trustworthy news blog becomes necessary to filter out only the authentic news.

This article will give you nine top sites you can subscribe to and follow.

Latest technology updates – 9 websites to follow in 2022

#1: Techcrunch:

With a community of over 50 thousand active contributors, Techcrunch is an ideal place to gain insights into technology startups. This news source covers both the technical aspect and the business side of technology. Techcrunch is a steadfast home for news on product launches, funding sources of tech startups, upcoming projects by tech corporations, cyber security updates, and more. You can also visit the Crunch Base section, a detailed database of technology companies and startups.

#2: Wired:

Wired is a dependable source of news encircling technology and popular culture. Wired gets favored for its engaging and easy-to-understand content, attracting audiences worldwide. Browsing Wired also exposes you to a heap of content featuring business, digital security, entertainment, opinion, and business, making it a go-to place for any news-savvy person.


Famous for its region-centric and language-specific editions, is a delightful source of tech news. Catering to the global audience, has provided software reviews and tech news since 1994. Behind this website is the CBS Corporation, which enables consumers to choose the best hardware, tech appliance, software, and services available in the market.

#4: Gizmodo:

Gizmodo is a robust crowdsourced news platform that provides verified information through its blog. The most prominent feature of this website is that it lets you contribute by creating a separate blog post on the topic. Powered by Kinja and funded by Gawker Media, Gizmodo is a top site for people who prefer a sense of community.

#5: Arstechnica:

Arstechnica is a haven of the latest news concerning business, security, and technology as a whole. With its comprehensive coverage and engaging editorials, Arstechnica is a sweet spot for any professional or amateur.

Akin to Gizmodo, Arstechnica is a site with a dedicated forum for readers. Any tech-savvy person will love discussing the latest operating systems, cutting-edge software, hardware modifications, and gaming in the platform.

#6: Bits – The New York Times:

The next entry on this list is Bits by the NYT. The New York Times is a leading newspaper company with a dedicated blog covering only technology-related news. Apart from covering news on upcoming gadget development and product launches, this publication comes up with the latest tech conventions. With a rich network of active contributors and reporters, Bits is a must-have in your subscription list.

#7: Engadget:

If you are planning to invest in any gadget, you should give Engadget a try. This multilingual website can help you make informed decisions for your purchase. This site must be on your list if you want to be updated about upcoming products and services from tech firms worldwide.


As you can guess from its name, 9to5Mac is a concrete source for regular updates on Apple products. This website has a dedicated approach towards covering the latest Apple gadgets and software updates. As a subscriber of the Apple ecosystem, this site will be your go-to place. Apart from exclusive products from Apple, you can expect to see reviews on a myriad of tech accessories that are compatible with Mac and iPhones.

#9: The Next Web:

Behold the torrent of the fresh tech news on The Next Web. Join its 6.5 million reader-base for getting reliable information on the latest gadgets, software, and tech services.

Final thoughts

Aggregating technology news from every corner of the internet can become effortless with a substantial subscription list of the finest news sites. So, follow our suggestions to streamline your feed with the most relevant news and updates on technology.

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