February 20, 2023

A Beginner’s Guide To Dabbing

Dabbing is a technique of taking cannabis that’s considered safer for your he cleaning a rig alth than smoking because it has fewer carcinogens. It typically heats concentrates to give a strong hit. Dabbing also offers rich flavors, only not as good as smoking cannabis flowers. As a beginner, you must take your time to learn how dabbing works so you can enjoy your sessions.

With that in mind, below is a guide to dabbing:

  1. Learn How To Clean Your Rig

The concentrates you use for dabbing are usually sticky and can leave some residues in your rig. Thus, cleaning your rig is one of the essential things you must do once you start dabbing. It’ll enable you to feel the concentrate’s flavor and increase your rig’s lifespan. If your rig is dirty, it can affect your health because you’ll inhale toxins from the concentrate residues.

The following steps can assist you in cleaning a rig thoroughly:

  • Collect your supplies: To remove all the stains from your rig, you need to have enough isopropyl alcohol, a funnel, q-tips for hidden smears, table or sea salt, and a cleaning cloth.
  • Make the cleaning solutions: The next stage is mixing your isopropyl solution with salt. Shake the solution until the salt completely dissolves.
  • Disassemble your rig and put in the solution: Separate every part of your rig, especially the glass appendage and the base, then fill them up with the cleaning solution.
  • Cover your dab rig glass attachment: Since you need the solutions to work effectively, it’s best to cover them using a poly bag to prevent the isopropyl solution from evaporating.
  • Shake the solution: Gently shake the rig components with the cleaning solution to ensure it penetrates every corner and removes the residue.
  • Wash the inner parts: For the hard-to-reach stains, use q-tips or cotton swabs to get rid of them.
  • Rinse and dry the rig: You can use warm water to clean the rig to remove the solutions from the rig. Let it dry, or use a cloth to wipe it.

The process is usually straightforward and quick. Remember, when cleaning your rig, let it soak for a while to soften the residues and thoroughly remove them. Always use warm water, especially if your rig is made of glass.

  1. Have All The Dab Rig Tools

To purchase and have a functional rig, you need to know all the crucial components. Below are essential dab rig parts:

  • Dab rig: It refers to the chamber of a glass pipe connected to a banger. They come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. So, pick the one you prefer.
  • Dab tool: It’s what you’ll use to put the concentrate on the nail. It should be made from a material like titanium or quartz that’s heat-resistant.
  • Nail: An e-nail uses batteries or electricity to power on. On the other hand, the traditional method involves heating the nail with a torch before you start inhaling the vapor. Exercise caution when using the latter because you can get burned.
  • Carb cap: It’s what you use to conceal the nail to contain the heat from your concentrates. It also gives flexible pressure and airflow.
  • Torch: It’s a device you use to heat the concentrated nail.
  • Batteries: If you use a rechargeable rig, you’ll need batteries to power it on.
  • Dab mat: To ensure you don’t mess up your house, buy a dab mat for placing your dabbing equipment. The concentrates are usually sticky; if they go on your couch or carpet, it can be hard to get rid of them. A silicon mat can help you keep your dabbing station clean and protect your rigs from falling over.

Dab tools are usually made from different materials and have distinct characteristics. For instance, quartz gives excellent flavor, but your concentrate can quickly become cold. Titanium is long-lasting and can perfectly withstand hot temperatures. Ceramic doesn’t provide rich flavors, but it’s adequately heat-resistant. Finally, glass is an affordable alternative, but its brittle nature makes it less durable. Choose your preferred material and start your dabbing journey.

  1. Go For Concentrates From Trustworthy Sellers 

The concentrate is the substance you heat on the nail to inhale its vapor. They come in different varieties such as:

  • crumble
  • wax
  • shatter
  • diamond
  • sauce
  • oil
  • live resin
  • budder
  • crystalline

You must buy high-quality concentrates to ensure you get the desired flavor and potent hit. They come in different textures, strengths, and colors. Shoddy vendors typically use crude means to produce concentrates, potentially harming your health. Thus, it’s best to identify trustworthy cannabis stores to buy your concentrates.

  1. Take Small Doses And Hydrate

You can get a dry mouth if you take larger cannabis doses at once. Thus, it’d help to take small hits until you get used to dabbing. It’ll prevent you from getting knocked out shortly into your dabbing session. Also, have water bottles to help contain the burns you’ll experience when dabbing. Drinking water can also help if you start feeling lightheadedness.

  1. Learn Dabbing Techniques 

Since you’re considering dabbing over other methods like smoking or vaping, it’s wise to learn the techniques that’ll let you enjoy dabbing to your fullest. Below are examples of dabbing techniques you may want to try:

  • Using a nectar collector: It’s a simple and effective method of dabbing that eliminates the need for a rig. Once you place the concentrate in the dish, ignite the tip of the nectar collector using a lighter or blow torch. Give it a few minutes to cool, then place it in the dab and inhale the vapor via the mouthpiece.
  • Cold starting: It’s where you put the concentrate on the dab tool before heating it. It enables you to boost terpenes and increase flavor. Moreover, it prevents wastage of the concentrate, saving you money.
  • Integrating terp pearls: Terp pearls are tiny balls comprising cannabis oils and terpenes. They circle in the banger, boosting airflow within the concentrate and decelerating the heating process. The result is more flavorful dabs and a clean taste.
  • Mouth-to-lung technique: You can gradually inhale the vapor into your mouth, contain it for some time, and exhale it into your lungs.

Choosing the correct technique enables you to dab easily, even if it’s your first time.

  1. Know The Ideal Temperatures For Dabbing

You could quickly get burned if you inhale the concentrates at a high temperature. Also, you may start coughing or have dry mouth or nausea. Even though you’d like to feel the effects immediately, adjust the heat to an appropriate temperature.

Since it’s your first time, begin at low temperatures slowly until you get accustomed to dabbing. It’ll ensure the hits are gentler to your lungs. Also, lower temperatures preserve terpenes, making dabbing more flavorful.

  1. Dab In A Calm Environment

To enjoy your first dab, choose a cozy, private, and calm place. You’ll have an easier time dabbing without any interruptions. Think about an open area with comfy seats or a place with fresh air and far from people because you wouldn’t want to inconvenience them.


Dabbing is one of the safest methods of taking cannabis. Learning the dynamics is essential before you take the first puff. It’ll help you evade typical dabbing problems like getting burned and not producing rich flavors. Ensure you purchase high-quality rigs and concentrates. Also, cleaning your rig immediately after use is essential in delivering a rich taste and protecting your respiratory health.

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