September 25, 2017

Steps To Enable The Picture-In-Picture Feature and Its Using In Android Oreo

If you are aware of the new features in Android Oreo that Google is bringing to us, you might be excited about the Picture-in-Picture feature. If not aware of it, basically, this feature allows us to perform multitasking on the phone by being able to open more than one task simultaneously such as checking the calendar while video calling without exiting the apps. Although iOS users are familiar with this feature, picture-in-picture is new to Android phones.


The PiP feature will exist in Pixel and Nexus devices. Now you know about the feature but if you are wondering how to enable this feature on your device and use it, then check out these detailed steps given in below section.

Steps To Enable Picture-in-Picture

1.Go to Settings from the Notifications section or from the Menu.

2. Tap on Apps & Notifications.

3. Now tap on the Advanced option.


4. Tap the Special app access.

5. Find the picture-in-picture from the list of features provided.

6. You will find the apps that support the picture-in-picture feature on your phone. Now click on any app.


7. Now enable the picture-in-picture feature by sliding on the Allow Picture-in-picture.



A Guide To Use The Picture-in-picture Feature

Open any application that supports picture-in-picture(PiP), for example, play a video on Youtube and then press the home button. Now your ongoing video will shrink its size to smaller dimensions and appears as a small window on the screen. Now you can open any application such as maps or gallery or any other social networking sites or email and simultaneously watch your video without any interruption. After completing the other task, tap on the video window to view it in full screen.


You are provided with various options such as increasing or decreasing the size of the window and moving the window across the screen according to your convenience.

Sometimes there might be a chance that PiP may not function on Android Oreo. In such case try rebooting your mobile in safe mode or clearing the cache of that app by navigating to Settings > Apps & Notifications > App info.

Try these features with the above following procedure and if you have any queries, do let us know in the comment section below!

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