October 3, 2021

Best Apps to Practice Citizenship Tests

If you are looking to get your favorite destination permanent residence, then a citizenship test is mandatory for you. Every country has a different way of conducting these tests with varying requirements. To help you with this, we have handpicked a few websites and applications to make your journey easier and seamless. Just visit these platforms for your desired country, practice these tests, and you will be perfect enough to ace these tests easily.

Technology has spread enough that just a few clicks can answer all of your queries related to complex topics of AWS training to a simpler tutorial of using em-dashes on Mac.

This writing mainly deals with citizenship tests of Australia, Canada, the USA, and the UK. Before listing down these platforms, we want to reiterate that these platforms are simply created to assist you in the preparation. By no means, any of these platforms offer any guarantee of passing these tests. But these platforms are perfect enough to prepare you well to ace any of these tests without any hassle.

Let’s begin with the Australian citizenship test:

Australian Citizenship Test Application (Free)

Australia is a well-versed, diversified country packed with tons of business opportunities. If you want to become an Australian, then the Australian Citizenship Test application is perfectly designed for you. It is equipped with 240 questions which are divided into 4 parts. These questions are picked from original citizenship tests.

It offers complete tracking functionality so you can track your progress— correct, incorrect, unattended— in a timely manner. Only spending a few hours can ease your path of becoming an Australian. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices.

After completing each test, you have the option to check your results and find correct answers to wrongly attempted questions.

A few users have reported a forced method of asking for five-star reviews, while others have complained about extra charges to get complete access.

Canadian Citizenship Test Application (Free)

The Canadian test is a bit challenging. According to the latest statistics, almost 30% of applicants fail to ace this test every year. Canadian Citizenship Test 2021 app has more than 200 test questions. This app also contains a complete guide about famous places, geography, and the history of Canada.

These randomly generated questions are divided into 5 categories. You can even pick your desired province or territory in this application.

Many people have reported that questions are either outdated or excessive ads can take your breath out. Due to the higher percentage of unwanted ads, sticking to the required learning procedure is an extremely arduous task.

There’s a much better way of doing it!

Preparing for citizenship test Canada isn’t difficult anymore, especially when you have reined your horses towards the Canadian Citizenship Test website. This exceptional website offers free practice tests while promising a completely ad-free experience.

Yes, you read it right; this platform is offering free more than 450 questions designed on years of experience in this field. Even it offers to prepare according to your desired topics like Canadian economy, elections, geography, history, and multiple others. In addition, you can pick batches of ten, twenty, and forty questions and prepare them accordingly. Due to the extremely smooth and user-friendly interface, you can prepare all these questions within a very short period of time.

American Citizenship Test Application

America is a dream destination for hundreds and thousands of people around the globe. According to recent stats, about 80 million people visit America annually. Immigration Help organization has quoted that about 0.85 million people applied for American citizenship in 2019. This number is increasing every year.

With such a higher percentage of immigrants, the US has raised its bars to allow more people to become permanent citizens. Thus, preparing for these tests is simply unavoidable. If avoided, it might result in failure. The New York Times has quoted; the citizenship test as a lengthier as well as difficult one.

According to Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, about 20 percent of people under age 45 couldn’t pass the citizenship test. In addition, understanding the complex procedure for outsiders is a bit difficult, especially if you don’t have any direct relatives living in the USA.

If you’re looking to prepare for this test, the US Citizenship Test 2021 application is meant for you. It is a comprehensive app that covers almost all facets of the citizenship test. Its interface is completely coherent to users’ psychology. Ads might be disturbing for you. If you want to avoid these annoying ads, paying $4.99 will make life easier for you.

This application has 16 practice tests while 14 topic-specific tests. So, according to your preparation, you can enhance or minimize your scope. It also offers flashcard functionality while options for vocabulary building are also preinstalled in it. The app makers have ensured to keep this app updated after a specific period of time. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices.

UK Citizenship Test Application

Uk, the heart of Europe, a perfect venue for businesses, and access to other European world attracts hundreds and thousands of people every year. Just like other countries, if you want to become a permanent resident of the United Kingdom, then along with other requirements, you have actively prepared for its citizenship test.

Just like other countries, you can prepare for this test by downloading the Life in UK Citizenship test on your Android or iOS devices. This app has more than 160 questions with additional sections of UK history, geography, economy, and governing system. The app is extremely user-friendly, except asking for forced reviews. A lot of users have reported disappointment in asking for a full-star review to get complete access. Additionally, some are dismayed by the presence of some wrong questions in the list. Overall, the application is good for preparation, as long as you are active enough to identify the wrongly answered questions.

The Bottom Line

Reaching your dream destination can be a challenging task to accomplish. Even after fulfilling the cost requirements and following other procedures, a citizenship test can obstruct your way of reaching the desired location. Preparing with the applications mentioned above, you can easily pass these tests.

Wishing you a Big Best of Luck with your Test. Prepare well, Perform Well!

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