February 14, 2021

A Complete Guide to Use DVD Shrink Backup Solution

DVD Shrink is free software that is designed to back up DVDs to the computer’s hard drive. It creates ISO image files for burning later. This software can compress an 8GB file down into a 4GB-sized file. The DVD shrink has been around for ages and even today, people like to shrink their files using DVD shrink in order to back content stored on DVDs. Although it has not been actively developed for years, still all of its 4 versions work flawlessly. The fact that the DVD shrink continued performing and executing the tasks properly is the reason why it has become one of the most advisable and prudent software used all around the globe.

Mostly used DVDs are distributed in dual-layer discs which have a larger capacity to hold all the important data and the files. To make data backup, what most people do is use single-layer blank discs. This means that the original file or the data needs to be compressed in order to fit in the media with a lower capacity. However, DVD shrink helps us in compressing that data and allows the user to remove all the unnecessary data, such as; audio for the multiple languages, subtitles menus, etc. The most important additive element in DVD shrink is the compression percentage which has its effect on the quality. The quality gets optimum as it reaches near to the optimum percentage which is 100%. Whereas, when you try to put a lot of data into a single layer disc, the pixels and quality gets compromised.

Let us have a look at how you can use DVD shrink as the ultimate backup solution. This guide would definitely clear all your queries and concerns related to it.

Insert the DVD and open the disc

With DVD shrink opened and running in the PC, insert the DVD into the computer’s ROM drive. Once you have inserted the disc into the ROM drive, the very first and obvious step is to click on the button of ‘Open Disc’ in the main menu.

Analyzing screen

After clicking on ‘Open Disc’, a window would open containing some credentials and references to the title. Click OK. Once you are done with clicking the OK button, an analyzing screen would appear on the computer screen, which would include a preview. This process of analyzing is not too long and hardly takes one to three minutes. As soon as the analysis is finished, the window would get closed automatically, and you will see the details of the movie files. All the details on the left-hand side would comprise the data that is currently selected for the backup. You can recheck whether the right file for the backup is selected or not. The next step is to click on the Re-author button.


Once you click on the re-author button, you will observe that everything on the left side disappears and nothing is selected for the backup, currently. Now, what you have to do is locate the main movie on the right side and drop and drag it to the left side. This will ensure that you have only selected files for the backup and all the unnecessary elements have been eliminated. After this, click on the compression settings on the right side.

Compression settings

Remember and note that the compression percentage can vary, and it is always recommended and advisable to compress as much that it does not affect the quality of video content. The optimum percentage for compression is 100% which is achievable and ensures the quality content.

Deselecting all the non-essential items

Once you are done with compressing the file, deselect all the unnecessary items placed on the right side. It could be any subtitle menu or audio in any other language. Keep the transcript of only those languages or options which you might need in the future, and remove all other menus and options which are of no need.

Opposing arrow icon

The very next step is to click on the opposing arrows icon which is located beside compression settings. Once you click on the arrows, a new window will open with options of starting frame and ending frame including a preview of each. By clicking on the control button, you can edit the start and end of the movie, if you want to. You can get rid of all the credits at the end which takes an eternity to roll by. This will shorten the size of the movie and reduce the space occupied. Just click on the end frame preview and hold it down till you get to the last of the movie. When you are satisfied with the final cut file, click the OK button.


At this stage, you are finally ready for backup. Click on the backup button and you will see a window with backup options. Click on the quality settings and here you will get extra options where you can enhance the quality of the movie before it comes to play. If you did not choose 100% compression earlier, these settings would appear, otherwise, there is no need for them.

DVD shrink would automatically start backing up the file, once you follow all of these steps. As mentioned earlier, DVD shrink software has not been developed actively for a long time, still, it is being used by many people effectively. It is easy to use and still works great. It is a wonderful software through which one can compress and backup their files without going to someone else and paying them for doing the job that can be done by themself. People have mostly used every version of it and they are extremely satisfied by the completion of the core tasks.

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