September 6, 2021

12 New Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

Are you wondering how to get more followers on Instagram? You should. With a whopping one billion-plus active monthly users of Instagram worldwide, the platform offers a great way to boost your brand visibility.

Instagram has surpassed other social media platforms since 2014. That being said, Instagram is the best way to promote almost everything. Having more Instagram followers can be a game-changer for building your brand authority and gaining new customers.

However, the competition on this crowded platform is high. Knowing the right strategies to increase your followers and engagement is imperative to success.

Read on to learn 12 ways to get more followers. You will shine, influence, and make sales on Instagram.

How to Get Followers on Instagram?

There are many ways to get more followers on Instagram aside from just waiting around for followers. We are going to explain this in detail. So grab your seat, and let’s get started.

1.) Know your Audience

Identify your audience. This is the top priority if you want to know how to gain more followers on Instagram. Understanding who they are and their specific needs and desires can help you create valuable content and solutions for your audience. When you target your content correctly, it will naturally encourage the right people to engage with your page.

Answer the following to help you define your audience:

  •  What are the interests of your target audience?
  • When do they usually go online?
  • What are their industry or profession and associated working hours?
  • What are their problems? What solution will you provide?

2.) Consistency is the Key

Posting regularly on Instagram will help you create a strong relationship with your followers. It helps keep you in front of more people, more often. The result is that you get more followers. Don’t skip this step. And, once you begin to post regularly, continue to do so. Your audience will begin to expect you to post content on specific days and times.

3) Post at the Right Time

It’s important to know the time that your audience goes online so that you can post with their life rhythm. It is recommended that you post 2 hours before and after the working hours of your audience since that’s the time they usually go online. Missing this step can cause you to expend a lot of effort with no results. Be strategic in your posting times.

4) Use Proper Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are used significantly on Instagram. Ensure you are using popular hashtags properly because this serves as the keywords that users are searching for on Instagram. With the use of the right hashtags, you’ll be discovered by the right users who will likely become additional followers of your page.

5) Follow Popular Trends

Instagram is a great way to follow trends. Take this opportunity to catch the attention of people by making content about what is popular. People will follow an engaging and meaningful conversation or content. If they find you post on prominent topics that interest them, then they will naturally want to become a new follower.

6) Do Profile Optimization

Many people will review your profile if they’re looking for a service or product that you offer. You must leave them a good first impression by optimizing your profile to communicate clearly and reflect the vibe of your brand. Don’t miss this step, or you could turn away potential followers because of a poor profile.

7) Engage with Your Audience

Followers will get hooked and want to make comments on your interesting content. You must take the time to engage with your audience by replying to their comments. This will help build rapport and relationships with individuals. They may become your new followers if they like your conversation. Ignoring your potential followers could mean turning away a great potential client.

8) Try Different Content Ideas

You can’t just post the same content each day, or your audience will get bored. Even worse, they could decide to unfollow you. If you want to reach a wider audience, you should try to explore other interesting content ideas that your target audience is discussing or experiencing. Creativity is the Key. Investigate what your audience likes and think outside the box to have relevant and interesting conversations and posts.

9) Collaborate with Others

If you’ve been searching for how to get more followers on Instagram, you have probably heard collaborating with other people can help you boost your following. You can collaborate with famous vloggers, influencers, and other popular brands to share followers from their audience.

10) Take Your Place in Popular Conversations

Always be in the know and place yourself strategically where you can join in the conversation. Sharing your valuable insights could intrigue people enough to follow you. You can also invite people to follow you too, if appropriate.

11) Share on Other Social Networks

Let your followers and connections from other social media platforms, like Facebook, know that you have an Instagram account. Make sure to promote in engaging ways so they’ll want to click on your profile and become a follower. You can also try to share on your other walls if you’re going to be live on IGTV.

12) Get Instagram Followers by Purchasing Them

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These are 12 real ways to help you increase your followers, despite the high competition on Instagram. The platform offers a great way to boost your brand and skyrocket your profits. Follow these fool-proof tips and see for yourself how powerful it can be for your business.

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Author – Eddie Stemp

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