September 24, 2020

A Healthy Future With The Apple Watch 6

Now that the all-new Apple Watch Series 6 has been announced and released, what do you really need to know about it before you get one or upgrade to one? One thing is for sure, it’s going to be a great accessory to anyone who cares to live a fit and healthy lifestyle!

The newly released watch seems to focus on one thing, health and there’s no shortage of new features to help the wearer keep and stay healthy at all times. The Apple Watch Series 6 is truly the ultimate health partner for anybody and here’s why.

Solo Loop

Apple has introduced its very new sport band! Unlike their previous Apple Watch bands that connect by a small metal button or a by loop, this new watch band is easily stretched over your wrists. This creates a more comfortable and secure way of wearing your watch. The old watch bands sometimes would come apart and fall right off the wrist when partaking in rough activities which would lead to broken and damaged Apple Watches. There will be no worry anymore with the brand new Solo Loop bands. This helps you to stay active, without the worry of damaging your Apple Watch.


This is a brand new fitness experience by Apple. This gives you access to world-class workouts by top trainers and new weekly workout routines whenever and wherever you want. It allows you to work in sync with their program while your Apple Watch records all of your personal metrics during the workout. This program will actually be available on all Apple Watches and you can follow along in these workouts by watching them from any of your Apple devices. The program will be made available later this year through a subscription service.

Track Your Work Outs

It’s no surprise that the Apple Watch has a work out for everything. What exercises are you into? Running? Swimming? Yoga? Well, the Apple Watch has a workout for that! Not to mention that it can continuously track your elevation changes in real-time. Whether you’re walking, hiking, running indoors or outdoors, your watch will continuously and accurately record your elevation.

Sleep app

Apple’s new sleep app will help you keep a healthy sleeping and bedtime routine so that you can meet your sleeping goals. A sleeping app should not only track your sleep, it needs to help you create a healthy sleeping routine. Many people overlook the many health benefits of routine healthy night sleep, and this sleep app will help you get them. Beauty sleep, anyone?

Hard Fall

This feature is great for older people but just great for everyone in general. It is the hard fall feature that can automatically detect when the user has taken a hard fall or hit and it will connect you to the appropriate emergency services if you have become immobile. This feature alone would make the watch be a great gift to an older loved one like your parents or grandparents who may be living alone and without assistance.

Wash hands

This next feature couldn’t have come at a better time. The watch can actually detect when you are washing your hands and will actually encourage you to wash them for the full 20 seconds as it is recommended by the CDC in fighting the current COVID-19 pandemic. Not just for COVID, but great for overall healthy hygiene. This is something everybody should strive for while living in times of COVID.

Blood O2 Levels

It can be highly beneficial to know your blood oxygen levels which can provide you with insights into your overall health. With the new Apple Watch Series 6, you can. Most people who use the Blood Oxygen app will see O2 levels between 95% – 99%. However, some people can and do live normal lives with O2 levels below 95%. Anything much lower should indicate that you should be mindful and to see your personal physician. These O2 levels can help you understand how your body is absorbing oxygen and how much is being delivered to your body at any given time of the day.


Also known as an electrocardiogram, records the timing and strength of the electrical signals that your heartbeat makes. Having these insights can help you or your Doctor look for irregularities in your heart rhythm. This feature can literally save your life or the life of a loved one and has been known publicly to have saved real lives before.

Noise Level

When it comes to the Apple Watch, no part of your health is forgotten. This includes your hearing health! This new feature will tell you when you are in an area where the Decibel (noise level) is too high and may cause permanent hearing damage. This will allow you time to get to a quieter area away from the high noise level so that your hearing is not damaged. A decibel level of about 95 can start to damage your ears over a prolonged period of time. A decibel level of about 120 may cause immediate and irreversible damage to your eardrums.


The new Apple Watch Series 6 just completely blows out the other competitors when in comes to health orientation. Apple has truly set the standard for all smartwatches, and it will be hard for them to compare. Every year, they come out with newer and better technology that focuses on user health. It is only fitting wherein a world today everybody is much more health-conscious. Not just the elderly, but the younger generations as well are more aware of their health. If you aren’t as healthy as you should be, then having an Apple Watch would be a step in the right direction as it will have all the tools, features, and apps to help you live a healthier lifestyle. It is an unbelievable world that we live in today where technology meets health.

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