July 12, 2021

A Look At How The Pandemic Has Changed Online Dating

No one saw the current pandemic happening. Everyone was carrying on with their lives, and suddenly, Covid-19 became a reality. People were now expected to follow so many protocols to contain and manage the spread of the virus. Measure like social distancing and isolation became very popular. In the wake of all these measures, people turned to online dating platforms to not only kill their boredom but to find potential matches.

After Covid-19 hit and became a serious concern, people had so much free time on their hands. Staying home and distancing from people meant one thing, online platforms for dating became more popular. Since people could not go out and come in contact with one another, the only alternative to stay romantically connected with people was through online dating apps and sites. This guide is going to help illuminate how Covid-19 changed the scene of online dating.

Physical Intimacy Has Become More Complicated

Before Covid-19 was our reality, people who resorted to online dating had one goal and intention, and that was to avail physical intimacy. But with the coming in of Covid-19 and it becoming more and more severe, people cannot come in contact with one another. To avoid the transmission of the virus, people stayed away from each other. This, in turn, was the perfect setting for those people who were looking for a more serious relationship rather than casual flings.

There are so many people who use online dating platforms to find true love, if not a great compatible partner. But the task seems impossible when several people out there using online dating apps are only after physical intimacy. But because of social distancing, any physical contact is now no longer an option when it comes to online dating. This can only mean that it is now easier to filter the ones looking for a relationship from the ones who are looking for a quickie.

More presence of people on dating sites

It does not come as a surprise that with social distancing and social isolation becoming a reality, people have so much free time on their hands. Boredom can easily take over anyone in such circumstances. There is only so much that people can do to keep themselves entertained. The good news is that online dating is a good way to kill boredom while also finding someone with the potential of becoming your life partner.

Before the pandemic rocked the world, people occupied themselves with work and other activities. This left little time for leisure and entertainment. Online dating was only for certain people. These were generally the younger generation. But however, now that almost everyone has spare time on their hands, people from all age groups, social backgrounds, and even cultural backgrounds are looking into the possibilities that online dating has to offer.

As cities, towns, and countries all across the globe entered into lockdowns, the only way to meet romantic demands and engage in harmless flirtations was through online and virtual dating. Since bars, restaurants, and cafes all closed down due to governmental orders, the only way to meet someone in a romantic capacity was through online dating apps. This led to an increased presence of all sorts of people in online dating platforms as opposed to the comparatively lower number of people before Covid-19.

Video dating as opposed to text

Before the start of Covid-19, online dating started off as texting and ended up in meetups. People would usually meet one another at cafes, restaurants, cinemas, or even for other activities. But once Covid-19 became a matter of grave concern, meeting someone became next to impossible for safety reasons. People now had to make do with what was available and practical. So, if someone wanted to meet someone, the only option was video calls through apps like Bumble, Tinder, Zoom, or other video calling apps. Even casual dating apps followed suit with hookup sites like Local Sex App offering video chat features for their users to have “socially distanced intimate experiences.”

Online dating forever changed once the virus took over the whole world. The possibility to meet someone did not seem likely at all. We are all aware that dating, whether it’s online or offline, can only work if people get to meet one another. It’s the best way to ascertain whether you can see yourself with them. So, without the ability to meet someone in person, video dating during the pandemic became the alternative and even more popular than textual relations.

Before Covid-19, a study suggests that only six percent of people who were using online dating sites and apps were open to video dating. However, this statistic instantly changed once the virus became a global outbreak. Sixty-nine percent of people using online dating platforms were now open to any form of video dating and calling. And out of these sixty-nine percent, twenty-two percent of the people were ready to enter into a serious, monogamous, and exclusive relationship with someone with whom they’ve only chatted through video calls.

An increasing number of meaningful relationships

Covid-19 forced so many people into virtual dating. But one of the positive things to come out of this dreadful global situation was the increase in the number of meaningful and serious relationships. And this was only possible because intercourse and physical intimacy were things that were no longer on the table. Many single people were forced to engage in conversations rather than look forward to physical rewards and engagements. Casual flings were now no longer the norm.

People might think that online or virtual dating is not substantial. It’s just a meaningless attempt at romance and love. But however, Covid-19 proved this to be quite wrong. In fact, with people resorting to online dating in the midst of this global pandemic, more meaningful relationships appeared. The outbreak of this virus has ironically brought many people together in serious and meaningful relationships.


Something that came out of the blue forever changed the way people date online. Before the pandemic started, people were more focused and inclined towards textual dating and physical engagements. However, with the coming in of the outbreak, things took a turn. In order to stay safe from the virus, other alternatives became more popular and sought after.

Online dating sites and apps saw an increase in users. There was also an increase in the number of people looking for serious relationships rather than physical intercourse. What seemed strange and weird has now become the general norm and practice when it comes to online dating.

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