June 4, 2020

A Step-by-Step Guide on How To Gain Instagram Followers Fast

Internet has changed the way we used to see different things. It has changed our opinion, our lifestyle, and our thinking. The thing internet has taken humanity to a whole new different level. Various things that were once impossible have been made easy by the internet.

And with the internet, a new system or new criteria evolved. And it was named Social Media. Social media has now grown to be something very big. Social media has become a platform where we open up ourselves. Somehow the things we people are not able to share with even someone close are shared on social media.

Instagram is one of the most used and popular social media platforms. It is used to share the stuff going on in our daily lives, to interact with people, to grow our reach, and many more. These interactions have been named as followers. In simple terms, the more followers you have, the more successful and realistic you are.

Now my question is, are you someone who has fewer followers on Instagram? Are you struggling to increase your following on the platform? If yes, then this article is for you. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can increase your followers on Instagram in some simple and easy steps –

1. Make your account attractive and start collabs!

The first and foremost step to grow your followers is to make your account attractive. People like to visit those profile which they find engaging. The audience is attracted more towards these accounts which promise to offer something great!

So try to make your account look engaging. First, choose an awesome name and a great display picture. Both of these should be capable enough to describe you! After that, Instagram has a system where you can write a small description of yourself. So use that wisely and describe yourself in the best possible way! If you do this, you are one step closer to your goal.

The next thing is about collaborations. If you are on Instagram to promote yourself or your business, you should know that you are not alone with that idea. There are thousands of others who might be promoting the same stuff but with a different name. And the best way to grow your business is to collab with them! In this way, you are sharing some info with your audience as well as the audience he has! Interesting right?

Even making your profile attractive can help you in another way. The are various websites out there that sell followers in exchange for money. These are legit websites that offer different numbers of followers within various prices. All you need to do is to choose a scheme and you will pay money and get followers instantly! And the followers you get by paying money will be on your account for your lifetime! It may cost some investment but you’re getting results right.

2. Never hesitate to DM others

What most people think is that surely messaging someone is a very big and tough task. People think a lot before messaging someone. The rights like “Should I message him?” ,” What will be feel about me?”, “What if I write something bad unknowingly?” etc. come to the mind first. Why do you think so much before doing something? Do you think even twice before grabbing your favorite food? No!

Here are two explanations –

a. When you directly message your for it reply to him, it goes on your favor. First, you will have a good opinion about you. For him ,you will be someone who is taking out time to DM him even in this busy schedule. This will make him share about you to his known ones, and surely he will advise them to follow you. Gaming followers aren’t you?

b. When you message someone bigger than you, it is obviously about something you want to know or something you want to tell. And when you are thinking of messaging someone bigger than you, you surely are not fool enough to tell something awkward, are you? So never back off from messaging someone you idolize. They may prove to be a great help for you or can even help you in getting more followers if you impress them!

3. Take the Instagram stories part seriously

Imagine you have something interesting to share with your followers. It is an obvious fact that you can’t personally message each and every one of them and tell them. Right?

There comes in the Instagram stories feature. Just go out and type whatever you gave to share. Your followers will see your story on the top and will visit it. Imagine you don’t have something to tell. No worries! You can start a QnA session where people ask you questions to get more ideas about you or your business.

You can ask your followers about their ideas on growing your business and all those stuff through stories! Hence, you are engaging more with your followers and when they get to know more about you and your business, they will be lured by those and will attract more people towards you!

4. Establish a friendship with Instagram Ads

Man, I know how people react when they hear the word Advertisement! Facing ads every moment while watching your favorite movie may be really annoying, isn’t it? But advertisements can annoy you only on the television and nowhere else. In fact, these ads act as a boosting factor in social media platforms!

On Instagram, you can use advertisements only to increase the traffic on your profile. All you need is a small investment and there you go! You can use your previous stories as ads as well! The reactions to your stories will be the deciding factor. If you have great reactions you can pay them as advertisements and it will make more people – who like the content – cone and follow you! Goal achieved!

So these are the for simple and worthy steps if you want to increase your following on Instagram or want to give your business a boost! Follow all of these step-by-step and you should be sure to get the required results! Adios!

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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