How to Activate Caller Tune on your Mobile Phone for Free of Cost


Now forget old tring tring tune, greet your caller with a sweet song without paying single rupee. You can make your callers hear beautiful notes till you attend the call by setting a caller tune. If you are paying charges for subscribing and activating a caller tune then here is one good news for you. Using Wring Android App which is available on Google play store you can set caller tunes without paying money. Wring is a free and revolutionary way to make calling fun. You and your friends can now listen to any exciting music of your choice when making phone calls. Here in this tutorial you will learn How to Activate Caller Tune on your Mobile Phone for Free of Cost using Wring Free Caller Ringtones Android App.

Wring Free Caller Ringtones - Android Apps on Google Play

Before going to download Wring app from Google play store let us discuss some extraordinary features of Wring Free Caller Ringtones App.

“Wring” Free Caller Ringtones App Key Features:

  • Wring is a free alternative to paid caller tunes.
  • No need to pay a monthly fee for caller tunes or pay per minute charges for changing your caller tunes.
  • Choose your desired music/song/audio from your playlist and enjoy!
  • You can also customize specific tunes for individual contacts or allow the app to set randomized tunes from your playlist for all outgoing calls.
  • You can change the tunes as many times as you may like.
  • CALL ME TUNE: Treat your friends to something fun while they wait for you to answer the phone.
  • CALL U TUNES: The tune you here when you call someone.

How to Set Free Caller Tunes without amount?

Follow the below mentioned easy steps to Activate Caller Tune on your Mobile Phone for Free of Cost.


  • Click on the install button.

Wring Free Caller Ringtones Install

  • After installing, open the app and set up your Call Me Tune.
  • Go to Menu bar at the top left corner and select Register Call Me Tune option.

Activate Caller Tune on your Mobile Phone

  • Enter all the details like mobile number & Email ID. Now select a song by clicking on the Music symbol on the screen and select a song from your Music Store.

set Wring App CallMe tune

  • Then click on Register Details. That’s it with in few seconds your Call Me Tune will be activated.
  • Now, Let’s setup Call U Tunes. CALL U TUNES stop when you speak into the mic.

setup Call U Tunes

  • Go to Menu bar at the top left corner and select Set CallU Tune option.

Set Call U Tune option in Wring App

  • Then click on a particular contact & select song from your Music store which you want to hear when you call to that contact.

Wring Free Caller Ringtones - setup Call U Tunes

  • After selecting a song click on OK button.

Activate Call U Tune Option in Wring App

  • Within few seconds your Call U Tune option will be activated.

Wring Free Caller Ringtones - Activation

That’s it friends…!!! Now you can enjoy free caller tunes on your smartphone without paying amount. Hope this tutorial will definitely help you to Activate Caller Tune on your Mobile Phone for Free of Cost. If you have any doubts comment below.

Disclaimer: Please note that for this app to come into function fully both the parties must have installed the app on their phones. We regret if any inconvenience has caused to you.

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Thanks Imran… A great dig into playstore. Waiting for such kind of app for years.


This only works if both the parties have this app installed right?

Haha dear Imran, it requires both the parties to have the app installed, thats why they have mentioned in description that share app with your friends and enjoy the tunes. Its a waste of time, i guess because how can you get this app installed in 1000 of your contacts.

Thanks for informing, we updated the article.


I just uninstalled Wiring. Such a waste of everything.

Hi Rishabh ,
When I installed whatsapp 4 years back , I said the same thing. Everything starts from a seed 😉 and grows to a Tree. Thanks for trying out the app , we are planning to launch it big soon so everyone would get Callertunes for free some day.

Thanks Imran. Its a very nice article , helps us a lot to take the app to the next level.

nice article


Its a waste of time it needs both members to installed this app


My email Id not Taken so I am very upset.


How to register Wring Free call ringtones .My Email id Not taken


Sbi dharm kumar


Sbi dharamkumar

Almas Sayed

Hi, I want to confirm that there is no monthly charges na?