May 27, 2015

Adsense ClickHijacking: Its High Time Adsense should take Action on such Practices

In the past few days I have visited few blogs/websites and to my surprise wherever I click a new window used to pop up and to my surprise I noticed that I clicked on some Google Ad without my notice. Then I investigated a little and took confirmation from my technical department and came to know that its ClickHijacking. Please note that the below explained tutorial is solely for educational purpose and can lead to your Adsense account Ban.

Note: Please note that this tutorial is solely for educational purpose and I am not responsible for any kind of illegal usage of this tutorial. I am writing this article to get it to the notice of Google Adsense department and take action over those webmasters who are using this illegal practise to hack Adsense Earnings. Using this technique will lead to Adsense Ban.

What is ClickHijacking or ClickJacking?

ClickHijacking is a technique used by Black Hats to hijack clicks without user notice. You might have noticed that sometimes you like others facebook pages even without your permission or unintentionally when you visit some website. This is due to some malicious code that is running in the background of the website and you won’t have any control over it. This ClickHijacking can be implemented in various ways for various purposes. A potential hacker can hack your Social Media (Facebook, twitter ) accounts by stealing the cookies.

adsense say no to click fraud

To my surprise now this ClickJacking hack is now implemented on Google Ads. Once some webmaster has implemented this hack on his/her blog every visitors that comes to the blog clicks on Google Ads without their notice. But some bloggers are intelligent enough to manipulate it and control the CTR to stay away from getting caught by Google Adsense Team.

Is it Ethical Practise?

No it is highly unethical practise and I highly suggest all bloggers and webmasters to stay away from it. There are high chances of your adsense getting banned if you implement this practise.

Why I am sharing this method on my blog?

India is listed as one of the most spam generated countries in the online world. I know that there are many innocent and genuine bloggers who follow ethical practises to grow their blog rankings and reputation. But there are few unethical bloggers who implement these kind of stuff and remain a black dot for the whole Indian bloggers community. Its high time that these kind of frauds should be completely stopped to gain good reputation in online industry. So, by making it public Adsense team will get alert and curb spammy bloggers which will help the genuine bloggers in long run.

Also, am a google adwords advertiser and I understand the concern of an Advertiser as well. So, its high time such practises should be stopped immediately.

How Adsense ClickJacking is performed?

1. All you need is to integrate a piece of code in the head or body of your template. That’s all the ClickJacking script gets activated instantly.

2. Although it might not work with all the templates. You have to tweak it a little based on your template. But if you are using some standard template then it should work perfectly.

3. The code has been blurred intentionally to avoid misuse. However it looks something like the below code.

google clickhijack code

Note: I don’t recommend nor promote this method. This article is solely for educational purpose and to inform the Adsense team the illegal practise performed by few webmasters. I am no where responsible for any kind of usage of this script or method.

Let me know what do you think on the same in your comments.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

Imran Uddin is a Professional blogger from India and on All Tech Buzz, he writes about Blogging, How to tips, Making money online, etc.

  1. Hello Imran
    I enjoyed this article a lot since I myself am a hacker. It is really illegal to use Clickjacking for generating ad clicks. I thought that Clickjacking was used only to get likes on facebook page. But, now bloggers are implementing it as Black Hat SEO technique. Why don’t you send a mail to Google AdSense team regarding the whole matter. They shall soon find a solution to cop this problem.
    With Regards,
    Sanjeet Kashyap

    1. its so funny and ridiculous how some people are really hungry to make it fast.

      this is bad and very bad. “without user consent”

      I hope this blog post reaches google directly for quick action cuz its cheating and disrespect.

  2. Why is that Indian always try to get shortcut route? I too was tempted with some of such techniques and even I have used some of these ways, but later I realized it will only ruin my future in Blogging. Although I am making much lesser earnings now, but I’m determined to gain success in right way.

    1. thanks a lot for the information, really helped but would like to know whether we can inform google about this issue that someone is using this

  3. The adsense account will get banned for sure if these things are performed!

  4. Hi Imran,

    You’ve taken a wise step by posting this on your blog and letting Adsense team know about this.

    From past few months, ClickHijacking has been increased rapidly. It had become pain in the ass for adwords publishers as well as Genuine Adsense users because clickjacking had resulted into very low CPC and amount of adword advertisers had decreased in India gradually as everyone is looking to make money and not sharing the correct information.

    Also, everyone is trying blackhat and spamming the web.

    This process should be stopped right now and every guy who use this script should be banned forever from the adsense.

    Thanks once again for sharing this.

    Vinay Kr. Katiyar

  5. i was not aware about that kind of trick available to increase CTR….i want to know is it safe to use floating ads ?

  6. Great information shared..earning through unethical method is not correct..Honesty is the best policy and it works in long run. It also bring good name to our country and to bloggers as well. I like this article. I believe so many will learn a good lesson through this article. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. absolutely imran, just because of this type of black hat activity every year Google banned some accounts and unfortunately some genuine users got banned.

  8. Hi Imran

    Just wanted to share with you that people from different countries have been partnering their adsense accounts with some people in brazil , because that is one of the most whitelisted countries and the accounts dont get banned.

    I strongly believe in all the ethical earnings for any kind of website one is running.


  9. Hello Imran Sir,
    when in starting days of my blogging journey some people tries to tell and wanted me to work with on click jacking but i denied because i want to earn by genuine way. Today i realize that i was right and my way is also right to work with a right cause.

  10. hi dude,
    nice article ,I really enjoyed..
    ya its worst black hat seo technique I have seen in many sites…
    thanks for lettering to Google about CLICK HIJACKING

  11. HI
    Imran Bro and other friends
    Google adsense is major revenue source and they provide employment source for huge number of people also so plzzz tell your all indian blogger groups also so don’t do like this that type of “Adsense ClickJacking”
    Now a days huge umber of people are depended through their website and those future also .

  12. Hey,
    Its better to remove this image as it is directly promoting Adsense Clickjacking…
    To be truth, This image even forced me to do a bit more research about it.
    Its, better if you remove this image which contains malicious code.
    Thanks 🙂

  13. Hi Imran Bro,
    Black hat techniques is not good for adsense it is very harmful if we work long time.every year Google Take action against Black hat Blogger and banned their is very helpful post for all blogger.
    Thanks for sharing keep up it.

  14. i want to thank you for sharing it
    spams never work for long time
    we all should avoid spams , i appreciate and we all know your intention .

  15. Hii imran very usefull information you have shared. You have told right the fraud clicking in india is much more than other country. Many of the blogger faced this issue and also innocent blogger got punished with this problem. Your article is very good and also it will help lot of user that are facing these problem i will share your article so it would be helpfull for other bloggers so it would be helpfull for them also. Thanks for sharing

  16. imran bhai i want to learn blogging tech. from you so please tell me r u still teaching people about how to blog successfully.

  17. I have been using this trick on my Forum and till now i didn’t even receive any warning from Adsense its helping me to earn from my forum but still i would not recommend this to anyone as using these tricks are not safe from any side.

  18. In India this definitely is a great problem. Making Money fast is a passion. I am into blogging for past 4 years. I learnt so many things from my experience.
    Though my income gradually increased and i followed only ethical things. You can’t survive doing unethical things. Be true to your blog and consistently provide value to users, you surely will be rewarded.

  19. Hope that google adsense will take some action as soon as possible, because if this continue to happen it is like ..honest bloggers earning by working hard a lot and these people earning without working hard through cheating.

  20. This Imran this helps me lot. My question is “How can we remove a site from Google Adsense? If you have right way solution, please post it here. It helps many bloggers.



    Lazy Blogger

  21. Hi Imran,

    Nice post of Adsense. I too not believe in Black hat SEO which will surely make a black mark for our site. Thanks for Sharing..

  22. Hi Imran,
    Nice post of Adsense. I too not believe in Black hat SEO which will surely make a black mark for our site. Thanks for Sharing..

  23. Getting clicks on ads like this, is really a cheap method, and no doubt just because of these type of mistakes in adsense, publishers can lose their permanent access from their adsense accounts. Thanks imran for sharing this type of info with us.

  24. Also we should make notify google about this fraud done by some of adsense publishers, so that google can punisg these type adsense publishers.

  25. hey admin, i am shaheryar sam people call me Sam ( A simple guy with tough mind ) i am really enjoyed this article. i tried this its really working good. i am waiting for your new amazing article you showed your gorgeous mind by this article really feeling Good 🙂

  26. Don’t worry guys, the persons who are using adsense clickjacking can never get payment from google adsense team, because when a person reached near about their thresh-hold then google starts monitoring each and every activity of publisher and also match past data’s and at this time clickjacking is noticed by google and they disable their adsense account, forever. I already updated one and evrithing related with these things on my blog.

  27. Thanks imran for sharing this type of information with us.
    Getting clicks on ads like this, is really a cheap method, and no doubt just because of these type of mistakes in Adsense, publishers can lose their permanent access from their Adsense accounts.

  28. Thanks imran for sharing this type of information with us.

    Its very helpful to let people know that they will get banned for using it, and tell them that cheating isn’t gonna help them.

    Thank You

  29. Great Post, I have seen Now a days People special for Event Blogging Used Clickjacking Scripts and Eventually When there is Algo rollout They got their Adsense Ban for Lifetime.

  30. It will never work for long term, but pro bloggers like you and neil patel, don’t need this shit method, you can make easy money, as you so much HQ contents on your Blog. Anyways thanks for sharing this method

  31. Hi Imran,

    I googled the term ClickJack and landed on your page. However I never remember clicking any subscribe button but all of the sudden after a while I get a notification on my Mac that says thanks for subscribing. Isn’t that a bit suspicious?

    Burim Ratkoceri

  32. Adsense should be strict on the users of this script. I hope Adsense take legal actions against the users of this script.

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