May 27, 2015

Adsense ClickHijacking: Its High Time Adsense should take Action on such Practices

In the past few days I have visited few blogs/websites and to my surprise wherever I click a new window used to pop up and to my surprise I noticed that I clicked on some Google Ad without my notice. Then I investigated a little and took confirmation from my technical department and came to know that its ClickHijacking. Please note that the below explained tutorial is solely for educational purpose and can lead to your Adsense account Ban.

Note: Please note that this tutorial is solely for educational purpose and I am not responsible for any kind of illegal usage of this tutorial. I am writing this article to get it to the notice of Google Adsense department and take action over those webmasters who are using this illegal practise to hack Adsense Earnings. Using this technique will lead to Adsense Ban.

What is ClickHijacking or ClickJacking?

ClickHijacking is a technique used by Black Hats to hijack clicks without user notice. You might have noticed that sometimes you like others facebook pages even without your permission or unintentionally when you visit some website. This is due to some malicious code that is running in the background of the website and you won’t have any control over it. This ClickHijacking can be implemented in various ways for various purposes. A potential hacker can hack your Social Media (Facebook, twitter ) accounts by stealing the cookies.

adsense say no to click fraud

To my surprise now this ClickJacking hack is now implemented on Google Ads. Once some webmaster has implemented this hack on his/her blog every visitors that comes to the blog clicks on Google Ads without their notice. But some bloggers are intelligent enough to manipulate it and control the CTR to stay away from getting caught by Google Adsense Team.

Is it Ethical Practise?

No it is highly unethical practise and I highly suggest all bloggers and webmasters to stay away from it. There are high chances of your adsense getting banned if you implement this practise.

Why I am sharing this method on my blog?

India is listed as one of the most spam generated countries in the online world. I know that there are many innocent and genuine bloggers who follow ethical practises to grow their blog rankings and reputation. But there are few unethical bloggers who implement these kind of stuff and remain a black dot for the whole Indian bloggers community. Its high time that these kind of frauds should be completely stopped to gain good reputation in online industry. So, by making it public Adsense team will get alert and curb spammy bloggers which will help the genuine bloggers in long run.

Also, am a google adwords advertiser and I understand the concern of an Advertiser as well. So, its high time such practises should be stopped immediately.

How Adsense ClickJacking is performed?

1. All you need is to integrate a piece of code in the head or body of your template. That’s all the ClickJacking script gets activated instantly.

2. Although it might not work with all the templates. You have to tweak it a little based on your template. But if you are using some standard template then it should work perfectly.

3. The code has been blurred intentionally to avoid misuse. However it looks something like the below code.

google clickhijack code

Note: I don’t recommend nor promote this method. This article is solely for educational purpose and to inform the Adsense team the illegal practise performed by few webmasters. I am no where responsible for any kind of usage of this script or method.

Let me know what do you think on the same in your comments.

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