May 27, 2021

Alignable Review: Should You Join It?

While LinkedIn and other social media platforms are great at connecting people with one another, some business owners want something more—something more specific that can help them improve and grow. If you’re a small business owner looking for a site where you can network and connect with other business owners, you may be considering checking out Alignable.

However, you’re probably hesitant to try it out, which is why you’re reading this review. Fortunately, our Alignable review has all the information you need to gain better insight into this platform.

What Is Alignable?

Based in Boston, Alignable works to connect businesses and organizations from all over the world. Businesses form partnerships with other businesses while at the same time, it helps them connect with potential customers. As a business owner, especially if the business is still small or just starting, you need to do whatever you possibly can to improve your customer search and reach. This is made more convenient thanks to Alignable.

What Can You Expect From Alignable?

Forum for Business Owners

On Alignable, you’ll gain access to a business owner forum where you can learn more and have your questions answered. The forum also has a Q&A along with FAQs you could gain insight from. If you wish to ask any questions or advice regarding your industry, other business owners will respond and discuss with you, bringing suggestions and solutions to any problems you might have.

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Form Connections

As mentioned, using Alignable allows you to connect with all kinds of companies in different communities. Through these formed connections, business owners have the option to send messages to one another regarding important updates and other information that could prove useful.

Share Resources Among Other Business Owners

Since business owners can connect, as mentioned above, this allows them to share resources. This includes recommendations and even business advice to help them improve in their chosen industry.

Create a Trusted Network

As you form connections and friendships, you consequently create a network of trusted individuals. As such, you gain access to a variety of opportunities that was previously unavailable to you. More and more targeted customers will be able to know your business, and it will be all thanks to the network you’ve formed.

Pricing Plans

While creating an Alignable account is free, you’ll have to pay if you actually want to make the most of out it. The platform has two price plans: a one-time payment and a subscription basis payment. These two categories are considered Premium Services, but you have to pay a fee for either one.

Like most services, Alignable will have terms and agreements that you’re required to follow and take note of if you want to use the Premium Services. For one thing, you must agree that Alignable can and will store your payment information to continually charge your account for any applicable fees while you’re subscribed to the Premium Services. You will keep being charged until you cancel your subscription.

If you ever violate any of the guidelines set out by Alignable, the platform will close or delete your account if it sees fit.

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How to Contact Customer Service

Alignable doesn’t post a phone number on its website that you can call. Still, if you happen to have any inquiries about the service, Alignable’s customer service team can be contacted through email at If you have an issue that can’t get resolved by email, you also have the option to contact the company through courier or mail. However, if you want to get a refund, any payments you’ve already made in the past can’t and won’t be given back to you.

You’re free to cancel or close your account at any time, however, in case you’re not satisfied with Alignable.

Alignable Reviews

If you’re active on platforms such as LinkedIn, you’ll most likely enjoy what Alignable has to offer. Many users seemed satisfied with the results Alignable provided, as they could already see a difference in their business in a short period of time. That being said, there are also complaints about Alignable from unhappy users.

Some users also noted that they thought Alignable’s emails were spam since some of its messages were marked as such.


So, should you join Alignable? It’s definitely a great platform for businesses that want to grow and gain access to resources. Every feature offered by Alignable can really help a business owner improve and advance within their chosen industry. Just make sure to read through the terms and agreements first to know what you’re signing up for and if you’re comfortable with the information you’re giving out.

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