January 28, 2022

Amazon PPC campaigns

It is clear that Amazon is now a shopping giant since it has more than 300 million active accounts in 180 countries. While Amazon does make direct sales, many of its sales come from businesses that sell through their platforms rather than Amazon itself. A single day, Prime Day 2020, saw third-party Selling Partners manage to sell more than $3 billion in products. Through Amazon listing, right Amazon ppc management, and the correct choice of keywords. Brands are important to all types of businesses, from the earliest startups to the largest household brands.

It does mean that sometimes Amazon can have a lot of competition, so you need to find some way to distinguish yourself from everyone else. PPC advertising on Amazon is one way to do this. As a result, you are able to increase visibility for your products on Amazon’s search results page.

The post you’re about to read tells you all you need to know about Amazon PPC and how to crush it.

What is Amazon PPC?

The PPC program offered by Amazon is a way to advertise on the site. The highest bidder gets the right to have their ads shown on Amazon, which is based on the amount of money it bids. When a shopper clicks on an advertisement, the advertiser pays Amazon the fee they have bid. Amazon ppc services are often referred to as Sponsored Products.

If someone clicks on the PPC ads, the advertisers pay for them, the price is determined by a real-time auction. When bidding for a search term, the seller with the highest price gets their ad displayed first. The second-highest bidder’s ad gets the second slot, and the lower bidders’ ads come next. Ads can be adjusted to reflect when they are going to appear. For example, sellers may bid lower amounts for ads showing during the night, as opposed to those showing in the evening.

Whenever people click on a PPC ad, the seller must pay Amazon a greater amount, if the seller’s product sells more due to the PPC, Amazon will pay the seller more money.

How to set up different types of Amazon PPC ads

An optimized PPC strategy allows you to minimize inefficient ad spending while achieving your business objectives. Profits can be maximized in the short-term by running successful PPC campaigns, or by investing in better long-term strategies to improve ranking so your listing can see more organic sales in the long term. Many sellers are unfamiliar with Amazon PPC since it is still relatively new, you can take advantage of this by increasing your competitiveness.

Start by clicking the Advertising tab in your Seller Central account. Then, select Campaign Manager. Once the advertising campaign has been set up, you will be prompted to set the budget and duration. The entire process is integrated into your Seller Central account, so you don’t have to download any software to manage your campaigns.

In the next step, you need to decide which types of Amazon ads to use. Sponsoring can be done for products or brands, and targeting can be done manually or automatically. An automated Amazon PPC campaign determines which keywords and products are associated with each keyword before running ads accordingly. A manual targeting strategy allows you to target the relevant keywords and products.

Automated and manual Amazon PPC optimization

Amazon PPC can be useful both manually and automatically. PPC automation will show you which keywords and products Amazon is recognizing your product for and how your conversion rate is faring over time. In this case, you should use this data to manually optimize your campaigns further and to allocate your money more effectively to long-term campaigns.

When you combine Amazon PPC automation with manual targeting, you can create a campaign with a higher level of control over your ad spend while still achieving your business objectives. Identify the right keywords and products that Amazon finds most relevant and successful, then target them directly for the highest return on investment.

Benefits of Using Amazon PPC

You can advertise your products on Amazon PPC where potential buyers are looking to make a purchase. Choosing the correct keywords will help you target users who are intentionally looking for the type of product you offer.

Your brand or product can be made highly visible on Amazon through these ads. A variety of targeting options are available on Amazon, making it easier to ensure that your ads are only seen by the proper audience of potential buyers. Based on your goals, you can adjust both the type of ad you use and the manner in which you run campaigns. Amazon has a great deal of flexibility when it comes to PPC advertising. You can find a lot of examples of third-party Amazon PPC software to fine-tune your campaign. Several of these use artificial intelligence.

Your organic rankings on Amazon are affected by your PPC ads, so the more sales you make from your ads, the better your organic rankings. For new products without an existing history of sales, this feature is particularly useful. Whenever you launch a new product on Amazon, you should activate your Amazon PPC campaign, although some people recommend waiting until you have received your first three to five reviews.


Your journey to successful Amazon marketing doesn’t end with setting up a PPC campaign. Do not let your initial campaign discourage you if it fails to meet your expectations. If you set your advertising budget and choose effective keywords, you will have a better chance of reducing advertising costs and increasing sales with your campaigns. Use third-party PPC management software products to effectively manage your PPC campaigns.

By presenting you with extremely detailed information directly from Amazon in an easy-to-understand format, Urtasker Amazon PPC management helps simplify it for you. Spend less time digging through multiple Microsoft Excel tabs and see all your data on one screen instead of multiple.

You can use Urtasker to create rules to automate Amazon ad campaigns based on past performance and receive tips on optimizing them. Please contact us if you require additional advice or Amazon PPC services, as we have a dedicated team of experts waiting to assist you with Amazon PPC.

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