October 3, 2018

Amazon Vs. Flipkart Affiliate, Best For Indians? Commission Rates? API

After the E-Commerce boom in India which was started with Flipkart followed by other E-commerce sites like Myntra, Jabong and few other affiliate marketing has been grown tremendously as many people in India started to buy stuff online. When coming to few products especially Latest Gadgets users were forced to get them only through either Flipkart or Amazon. This has opened up one more earning source for Bloggers and Internet Marketer.

Amazon Vs. Flipkart Affiliate, Best For Indians? Commission Rates? API

The world knows that now Flipkart has been acquired by American multinational retail corporation or company – Walmart. Although rare to no changes have been observed in the commission rates of Flipkart Affiliate. Undoubtedly, being a largest online marketplace in the world, Amazon has been trusted all over the world. Yet Flipkart is no back. For example, on Books Amazon affiliate program, a commission was 12% earlier and was 8% on Flipkart. Amazon has also now reduced it by 4% and now 8%  is the commission rate for Books Affiliates bloggers or vloggers on both Amazon and Flipkart.

Previously bloggers used to depend only on Adsense as a major source of income but these days Affiliate Marketing is booming in India. Almost every blogger is promoting products from Flipkart and Amazon using their affiliate link.

For those who don’t know Affiliate Marketing means, you have to promote products from the network using your affiliate link whenever someone purchases a product from the affiliate link you make a commission. Ofcourse there are some networks that pay per lead, pay per click and pay per registration. Here we will be talking only about Pay Per Sale (PPS or CPS).

I also work with different affiliate network as a part of monetization techniques on my blogs. In the process, I have registered with both Flipkart and Amazon.in to give them a try. Here I decided to share my experience with both the affiliate networks.

Flipkart Affiliate Program:

We must accept the fact that Flipkart is the best Ecommerce site in India as of now which is making millions of sales per day. We must also consider the fact that they are also new to this. There are few negative feedbacks about the Flipkart affiliate system is loosely coded and the tracking is not so strong.

flipkart affiliate program

Getting Started with Flipkart Affiliate Program:

  • It’s pretty much straightforward.
  • Go to Flipkart Affiliate Page
  • Then just register over a free account over there.
  • There is no approval process so you must get approval instantly.

Pros of Flipkart Affiliate Program:

  • As most of the Indians buy products from this network the conversion rate is a little high.
  • Commission rate is also good on few products especially gadgets.

Commission Rates Flipkart Affiliate Program

Cons of Flipkart Affiliate Program:

  • The major drawback I found on Flipkart affiliate program is that the earning which shows up on the panel might decrease later on as there might be some back orders or cancellations. You might first found good earnings and this might go down with time.
  • No proper daily tracking reports. You have weekly monthly quarterly reports but no daily reports which are the major drawback I found.

Amazon Affiliate Program:

Amazon is the best in this industry and they have a very strong affiliate program with little or fewer drawbacks. You can get started by registering over here. There is an approval process. You can get an easy approval even if you provide a facebook fanpage which you own.

amazon affiliate program make money

Pros and cons of Amazon Affiliate Program:

  • Daily reports and properly sorted earnings, orders reports.
  • The best thing about Amazon is that they only show you the earnings of the orders that are already delivered. So, once you get a commission into your account it won’t reduce.
  • The conversion rate was a little less beginning but it’s picking up day by day.

When we compare both I must say that Amazon is much better sorted and structured network. Flipkart needs to be improved a lot in many aspects. Flipkart needs to build more trust with more transparent and clear earnings report which we are not getting now. Let us know your experience with both the networks in your comments.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

Imran Uddin is a Professional blogger from India and on All Tech Buzz, he writes about Blogging, How to tips, Making money online, etc.

  1. I absolutely agree the facts noted by you. Flipkart has to work hard with their earning reports, so as to give more concise and perfect information to the affiliates.
    With Amazon, I have not earned much but I feel Flipkart Fame in India ECommerce has a big role over the impact of Amazon Sales; which in turn is linked with Affiliates of Amazon.

  2. I always liked amazon over flipkart and other’s like snapdeal n oll… Amazon gives u more %age of Income as compared to flipkart which makes me promote amazon products instead of amazon.. I prefer amazon more instead of flipkart bcz as a buyer i have seen price difference’s of same products on Amazon and flipkart… Amazon providing somethings at lower rates as compared to flipkart… Thanks for sharing this Over view between Flipkart and Amazon… AMAZON to me is the out right winner here… keep sharing such content… cheers..

  3. Hi Imran, I am totally new to blogging.

    Can we include affiliate program in form of direct ads in our website? If so, should we follow any rules (like minimum number of user views)?

  4. Yes … Amazon is much more well sorted and structured network.I don’t have experience about affiliate marketing but regarding service i found Amazon is best for customer service.Thanks for sharing this information.

  5. This is ridiculous. What is special in this post. Nothing. I think the quality of alltechbuzz.net is decreasing drastically.

  6. Thank you for sharing this one. I’ve always wanted to learn more about affiliate marketing, especially with amazon and the way discussed the topics with images here really make it all easier for me.


  7. My opinion Amazon is best for marketers because they pay little high commission compare with flipkart

  8. Thanks for sharing this Wonderful Post!
    In my experience the Amazon is better then Flipkart not only in term of Commission but also satisfaction.

  9. Does flipkart gives commission only when the user buy the product that is promoted on your blog ? or it is if a user comes through affiliate link and buy any products, we will get commission for all those products?

    1. Hi, mayur , Yes, You could be affiliate of many companies like amazon , flipkart , snapdeal , and many other affiliate program provider sites with same email and same time. Even you can promote all companies affiliate products in same blog or site.

  10. hii, it srealy nice.
    can u plz tell how to and from where i can get the web portal ready…. where i can get installed the flipkart affiliation program. as i i have hardly any knowledge that how can i get the website with all these things done.
    my no. is 7696764646

  11. hello imran can i add adsense and affiliates on same page. i have approve absence.
    thanks in advance.

  12. Thanks for the post. I think amazon is the best and am gonna try affiliate marketing with amazon on my just4kenya.tk website.

  13. hi
    nice info. i opened one website using freeservers.com .

    how can i promote affliate links where can i get traffic. is there any info available on this?

    kindly share

  14. I like this page. Recently I hv joined amazon affiliation program. Right now I only advertising in Facebook and Twitter. Please suggest me any other best way where I can ads well and earn more.

  15. Great article, yes I must say amazon and Flipkart are the top e-commerce site while I am using both and got some good earnings from affiliates & I recommend amazon as mentioned in the above post because of Pros & Cons.
    Thanks’ for the good and informative post you have shared …

  16. I don’t have an affiliate account with Amazon, but I do have one with Flipkart and its the worst.
    They don’t pay properly to the affiliates and after seeing that I stopped promoting their offers.

  17. Hey Imran, Nice Tips, I loved the explanation about flipkart and amazon, I juts want to know if people really purchase from amazon in India? as I do not hear much about them from my office friends or others so I am not sure whether I should promote amazon links or not.
    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    1. Amazon India is way better than Flipkart. I have yet to get my payment from Flipkart even though it has crossed the threshold value.

  18. Thank you for giving me a clarity on amazon affiliates. Honestly, I didn’t know that even Flipkart does offer an affiliate program until I read your post. Thank you once again 🙂

  19. So I have had a year’s experience working with both Flipkart and Amazon. And I must say that even though Amazon started low, it converts very well in my niche. This despite the fact that I promote both of them equally. Another strange thing I have noted lately is that the cancellations in Flipkart is very high. They tend to cancel all big ticket items claiming reasons like duplicate order, cancelled by the customer and what not.

    The only reason I still have Flipkart is because some people prefer it blindly. As and when Amazon picks up, Flipkart will have a hard time if it does not pick up it socks. They cannot hope to survive in the retailing business without the support of affiliates.

    1. True. same in my case.

      Also there seems to be issues with their Affiliate Report systems. Yesterday it was showing current month income more than Rs 24,000 then suddenly in the morning it became Rs8,800 and now its Rs 22,000

  20. what about snapdeal ? I guess snapdeal pay much higher commission than flipkart and amazon right ?

  21. Thanks Imran for the article. Can you please create a post that just explaining how we can sell via online. I am a newbie in affiliate marketing, what I did is just put one widget of Flipkart on my blog, you can check here http://www.writeyourcode.com/. But I guess its not sufficient to get attention from visitors and clicks as well.
    If you could explain some ways to convert clicks to sales, much appreciated.

  22. Awesome Information however I will prefer Amazon over flipkart as it pays more commission compared to flipkart.

    Thank you for sharing.

  23. Anyone please tell how to fill up the vendor declaration form in flipkart affiliate program.

      1. Thanks Shoukat for the information.The other rows are optional or if the details are available we can fill them ?

  24. I think Amazon Associate is better than Flipkart Affiliate because what I think is Flipkart manually cancels affiliates earnings. I have compared the data with Amazon Associates and found that the rate of cancelling orders in Flipkart is more than 80% compared to Amazon

  25. Flipkart sucks now, paying very low commission (1 to 2% only). Amazon is the best as they pay very good for each sale. Now working on Snapdeal also or else will have to leave affiliate marketing in near future.

  26. thanks imran i was thinking to use either flipkart or amazon now i am pretty sure about that thanks a lot again 🙂

  27. I have flipkart affiliate on my website this is my first payment of Rs. 3300. but still not received it’s 29th . perhaps documents formality already completed . can anyone tell me about this what to do. many time i emailed them . what to do. or just waiting. anyone who have experience about this answer me. thanks

    1. My first payment was also delayed by Flipkart by a month. But after sending them email they released the payment.

  28. Hello Imran,
    awesome post, difference between flipkart vs amazone. i was confused between these two program but thanks to you 🙂

  29. Hey,

    Great post, I think one of the bedrocks of Amazon’s success has been the affiliate program, this has enabled them to scale further on the long-tail.

    Flipkart is going to be very interesting in the coming decade, especially because of the fast-expanding economy of India which will produce more consumers.

    Interesting article.


  30. hey Imran,
    Can we have affiliation program with both of them ??? i mean with flipkart as well as with amazone at same time??

  31. Going forward we will hear more of these ecommerce sites but what is worrying is that over use of keywords which jumble google bot and leads no where.

  32. Thanks for sharing but it is very difficult to differentiate between the two giants as both has its own pros and cons, but you have mentioned the good comparison. Thanks again

  33. How To Link An Affiliate Link For Amazon App Directly? I want amazon affiliate link to open in amazon app instead of website…plz someone help me

  34. Wow, i didn’t knew the fact that we can earn that much by affiliate marketing, Thanks To you for sharing such helpful information. 🙂

  35. Can we promote without a website or blog through flipkart affiliate programs.?If so how can be the conversions comparing to promoting in website or blog

  36. Hii sir, Thanks for this informative post. I tried to register for amazon ,but i am unable to verify my mobile. why this is happening .

    shoulf i go with flipkart

  37. My conversion is not best. Also Flipkart have reduced their commission rates later. Does anybody having good conversion with them?

  38. Very informative post!
    I totally agree with you on this thing that earnings decreases later on as there are lots of back orders and cancellations.
    However I personally haven’t tried Amazon affiliate program yet but i had a very good with flipkart affiliate program.
    As i was able to make up to Rs. 60,000/month.
    There was little delay in releasing payments from their team but i have received all the payments.
    After your review i will take time to give amazon program a try!
    It’s looking attractive 😛

  39. I am using Flipkart affiliate program that is really great. And by this program I am earning 5000/month. But now I am going with both of these. Let see what happen. 🙂

  40. Amazon and flipkart both are best for affiliate marketing and earning money is also very easy and in Amazon there is ECpm Method on their ads and now it is a chance to become an affiliate —– techyhum.com

  41. I am new at affiliate program and want to know how to link the affiliate and facebook page links. Do i have to mention the facebook page links separately for all the product or i just have to put the fb page link. Please help. Thanks in advance

  42. I think commission rate is rate is better in amazon than flipkart but the the conversion ratio is good in flipkart

  43. Amazing article sir.. I started a website on amazon affiliate niche and i got some sales by promoting it on social media.. Really helpful post Keep sharing.

  44. But I think indian parents would prefer being a government employee is better than being the CEO of amazon or flipkart 😀

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