November 8, 2021

An LIMS makes laboratory management easier – Criteria to choose the best software

We live in an era where, no matter the size of a business organization, they require storing mammoth amounts of data in order to run properly. One such sector is the laboratory sector where they always have a rush of maintaining the records of thousands of patients. Thanks to the advancements in technology, the total amount of data that a laboratory can hold, along with its technical details, has risen staggeringly.

As data storage gets more complex, small spreadsheets just can’t deal with the hefty task of storing records any longer. This is where the LIMS (lab information management system) comes in. At the basic level, LIMS software helps a lab in handling and properly maintaining loads of data.

Should you choose online or offline LIMS?

Well, to be honest, the offline version of LIMS software is certainly an old-school one. Here are a few of the cons of using the offline version of this useful software.

  • Not friendly for users
  • Though it can generate reports patients have to visit the place to obtain them
  • No facilities of mobile app use
  • No way of getting back data in case of a server crash
  • No way of synchronizing records with several lab locations
  • Tough to install future technological updates
  • High maintenance

Is the online LIMS model a better choice?

The online version of LIMS is on the cloud and so the data can be accessed from any place in the world, provided the data is uploaded on the cloud. When you can monitor live data with the most effective tools, you can let your company make better and rapid decisions.

A manual and time-consuming process can be transformed into an automated or fast process where there would be a minimum chance of human errors. The company can also focus its resources on the core function and attain maximum efficiency.

Here are the benefits of online LIMS:

  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Gives future updates in the form of notifications
  • Data storage for purposes like auditing
  • Secure environment
  • Offers an interface that works with any database or LIMS
  • Tracks updates through an app

Criteria to consider while choosing your new online LIMS software

  • User-friendliness

Usability is certainly the first aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked by clients who wish to use LIMS software. Fundamentally, a LIMS solution should meet the needs of all the laboratories. LIMS software can be used for offering solutions for batch management, project management, compliance management, inventory management, instrument management, customer management, personnel management, and much more.

  • Browser adaptability

A good LIMS software should offer you options related to how users interact with other browsers, desktops, mobile devices, or hosted/cloud. Unlike traditional clients, the new clients are enquiring about hosted/cloud solutions. Choosing a cloud solution ensures a fast setup that is also cost-effective at the same time.

  • Flexibility

No matter which LIMS system you choose, it will require some minimum ‘configuration’ to make sure the system is perfect with your company processes. But you should choose a LIMS system that needs more than slight ‘customization’. While configuration can be done sans programming and can be performed by any non-technical person. On the other hand, ‘customization’ is making the system perform something that it can’t do on its own. Customized solutions are costlier and tougher to support and maintain.

  • Culture and people 

Since you’ll be living with your LIMS system for the next decade, it is vital to find a LIMS partner that is perfectly based on the culture and people. The people who are appointed for the implementation should be experts in not just the LIMS product but should also know the importance of lab operations.

Therefore, now that you’re aware of the factors to consider while choosing a LIMS system, what are you waiting for? Look for a trustworthy vendor and do your research before getting one.

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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