February 6, 2015

Apple is Speculated to ascend with its Own Search Engine in Next Quarter

Google search or just Google It out has been words which emphasize one to search it on the web. Well, all these days we were aware of it while in forthcoming days we may come across the words which sound as ‘apple search’. Yeah, you heard it right! We would witness people asking have you done Apple search which would familiar in coming months. A furor of Mac has been across a job ad of the tech giant Apple which has been stating the requirement for an unspecified and unknown tasks. The Job ad invited the interested people to work as project manager for “a search platform supporting hundreds of millions of users” and to “play a part in revolutionizing how people use their computers and mobile devices.” What does that interpret?

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Apple Intends to launch a Self Build Search Engine as Google, Yahoo, and Rivalry Microsoft’s Bing

The above stated job ad summary lets one to interpret that Apple is planning to be up with self-programmed search engine while it is must for sure that the users aren’t going to switch down from Google to Apple, even though. As, Google has been up with many user friendly and most essential services such as Mail service, Hangouts, Google+, Google Play Store, News feeder, Blogger, and many more at a single platform along with the search engine. What could one expect more at this instance; in fact it is sure that if Apple ascends with a browser which looks more user-friendly and at the same time has better features and services than Google.

The Siri, Safari and Spotlight have been baked for any search effort where the users hardly get into in search of options and change the search engine option As per the tech world latest news we could analyze that there seems to be a cold war kind of relationship between the initial best friends. Apple seems to be ignoring Google services and minimizing its dependence on Google by removing Google Maps and YouTube as default iOS apps. Siri of Apple has too seems to be without Google and redirects it users to Bing, Yahoo and Wikipedia for any preferred information despite redirecting them to search engine behemoth Google. Apple may be intending to ascend with the Apple Search in Safari it has marginalized its iOS users reliance on Google and Bing.

Apple’s self-built search engine would hold back the dependence of the iOS users on Google and Microsoft’s Bing.  It might strike out your psyche that why Apple would build its own browser rather than using the alternatives which have been available in the digital market till date. Apple has tried to be a Google free place till date while. Apple’s current reliance on Bing might have been discouraging Microsoft with fear as both competes with each other in smart mobiles arena. To break this sort of ties, Apple Search may get the best solution out of the way.

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Google’s Market Share Goes Deteriorates Due to Its Rivals

Google’s market share has been down after Mozilla removed it as the default browser and if Apple search ascends it may get Google to go through worst time as iOS users reliability on it too would decrease too. As per the statcount, an survey analyst stated that though the users have the option of setting the default browser while still after the removal of Google as default browser of Mozilla Firefox the reliability of Firefox users on Google search has fell from 82 percent to 64 percent over the past three months. If Apple applies the similar tactics with the Safari it would affect the Google’s market share down in more diminished levels.


Although, we have been speculating and the digital world is too doing the same that Apple is about to be up with the Apple Search which exactly hasn’t been revealed yet neither of its specs and features have been disclosed yet. Apple Search may be a refined Spotlight device search, a better way to search for Apps or music on iTunes. Having more than a billion users across the globe Apple’s self-browser may ruin the Google’s market share as these one billion users may increase more and more yet in the coming days and would be responsible for the search. Being at user end we need best user-friendly services and this is not going to affect the users anyhow in the broader view.

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