October 23, 2019

Apple TV’s Amazon Music Deal: Streaming Rivals Working Together

When it comes to talking about the biggest names in the world of technology, few brands can truly rival the track record of Apple.

The company has played a huge role in so many aspects of our lives through the years, from the development of devices like the iPod to the ultimate emergence of the iconic iPhone.

However, the Apple project, which has arguably been most in the news recently, is probably Apple TV, with the organization developing its own original content for the service and also showing its willingness to perhaps surprisingly embrace the work of rivals.

Facing the music

It was confirmed in October that the new Amazon Music app would become available on both Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD running, at least, tvOS 12.0. The move means that anyone with an Amazon Music account has the chance to access millions of songs and playlists through the service via Apple TV for the very first time.

Not only that, but they will also be able to access any purchased or imported music through the ‘My Music’ section of the library, while karaoke fans could well be in for a treat with scrolling lyrics included within the app.

The Amazon Music app for Apple TV is available in a range of countries including the US, UK, Australia and France, with Amazon Music’s business development director Karolina Joynathsing stating that the company was “thrilled” to see the service made available on the platform and adding her belief that people should be able to stream music “on any device they choose”.

Joining forces

While that undoubtedly sounds reasonable, the partnership between the two brands is still pretty interesting.

After all, we are talking about two organizations that are battling within the same space in the entertainment world, with both creating their own original TV content, operating their own music services, and releasing their own devices. The fact that the pair are direct rivals was even thrown in sharp focus last year when it was revealed that Amazon had beaten both Apple and Google to be named the most valuable brand in the world.

However, the decision to bring Amazon Music to Apple TV is actually just the latest in a long line of examples of rivals in this area choosing to team up. For example, it should be remembered that Apple Music is available across Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices, including Fire TV and the Echo, while it was also recently confirmed that Apple TV is now available on Roku devices.

Furthermore, Amazon has also embraced other rival services like Netflix on its devices, while the Alexa app has, for some time, now offered users the chance to link to the likes of Spotify and Deezer.

The growth of streaming

But while it is clearly not uncommon for rivals to join forces in a similar manner to Amazon Music and Apple TV, what are the reasons behind such a step? Well, as the aforementioned comments from Karolina Joynathsing seem to indicate, there does appear to be an acceptance among many major brands that consumers these days have different accounts for a range of streaming services and want the convenience of accessing them how and when they want.

We all use streaming in so many different ways, and, ultimately, it is up to us whether we opt for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Apple TV, to catch the latest eagerly anticipated TV shows or movies. The same goes for music with Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify being a key part of how people access their favorite tracks, while streaming is now also gaining significant traction in the world of gaming too. The online casino world is among several gaming areas that were quick to realize the potential of the concept, and it has offered ‘live casino’ gaming now for a number of years. As Betway outlines, live casino games such as those featuring roulette, blackjack, and baccarat are hosted by dealers via a video link and mean that players can access an authentic experience in their own home. However, new developments look set to take gaming’s relationship with streaming to a whole new level, with Google’s Stadia platform being designed to offer people access to high-quality gaming on a range of devices without the need for a console.

Potential reasons

So considering how big streaming is these days, it perhaps makes sense that consumers want to be able to access their different services across a range of platforms.

Furthermore, it could be argued that some companies could be jeopardizing their chances of success by refusing to embrace other popular services, as consumers are possibly more inclined to use platforms that offer plenty of integration.

Saying that there is also the suggestion that opening the door to rivals could be about more than just giving consumers what they want and may actually be a strategic move too. As TechRadar outlines in its look at Amazon Music and Apple TV story, Apple has faced some heat in recent times from the likes of Spotify regarding alleged anti-competitive behavior. However, adding Amazon Music to Apple TV means the company can point to the move as evidence that it is not against sharing its platforms with rivals.

Rethinking relationships

It is undoubtedly an intriguing time in the world of entertainment, and the link-up between Apple TV and Amazon Music could be regarded as another sign of how major rivals are having to rethink their relationships, as streaming continues to become a key part of our lives.

With even more streaming services expected to launch in the coming years, it will be fascinating to see how matters develop and which of the platforms ultimately proves to be the biggest hit with consumers.

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