November 10, 2017

Apple Updates Clips App with 360 Degree Selfie Scenes and iCloud Support

Apple released the latest 2.0 version of its free application Clips used for editing mobile videos easily.

Clips is a free application by Apple which lets you take videos or add videos and edit them with fun filters. The app which was released earlier this year also features stickers of the characters from Star Wars, Disney, Pixar and more.


With the software update, Clips is getting a redesigned look, new stickers, effects, filters, iCloud support and Selfie Scenes on iPhone X and some additional features. Of all the updates Selfie Scenes caught the attention of many where you can shoot a video, drop the real background and replace it with another just like using a green background by filmmakers to change the background in a scene. In some instances, it changes the way you look in order to match your look with the background.

Apple says “…users can choose from 10 Apple-designed scenes, featuring unique locations, characters, colors and visual styles plus two scenes from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Each scene is a full 360-degree experience, so it surrounds users on all sides as they move iPhone X. And environmental sound effects make scenes even more immersive.”

The feature uses the True Depth Camera of the device to separate the foreground from background to add a new environment. But the person/object has to placed near to the camera so that it doesn’t consider it as a background. Of course, the Selfie Scenes feature is available only for iPhone X owners.


The update also includes artistic effects which use machine learning to create effects. The company says, “New artistic effects use advanced machine learning and style transfer technology to turn any photo or video into a moody oil painting, vibrant watercolor or elegant pencil sketch — in real time while recording.”

If you are worried about the storage of the videos, Apple has added a cloud integration to store them. When a video is stored on a particular device it can be accessed and also edited on other iOS devices.

Apart from these add-ons, Clips will come with a revamped interface to make it easy make the users comfortable in using the app. The redesigned interface makes easy it easy to navigate through the filters and stickers in the new Effects browser. Apple is introducing new characters from popular films in the stickers such as Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and other Disney characters. It’s also including 21 new royalty-free music tracks which adapt to the length of your video.

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