December 19, 2017

Apple Watch Series 3 Can’t be Reactivated Without Fee – Costs More Than $10/Month on Most Carriers

When the Apple Watch Series 3 first launched, Apple struck a deal with all four major carriers in the United States and other countries where the LTE version of the device is available to offer free three month trial period for new users and waived activation fees which can be up to $30.


Now that the free trial period about come to an end, and the Apple watch series 3 users started getting their first bills that include the $10 per month service charge along with additional service charges and fees which cost around $2-$4 on carriers like AT&T, Verizon and etc.

However, planning to skip the fees by stopping the service and reactivate again is not going to be the best plan of action because the reactivation fee is going be as high as $25 according to Macworld. The Apple Watch Series 3 also require adding an additional line to the cellular service account in along with linking the cellular number of the iPhone on a given carrier. So, stopping and re-adding a line costs you an activation fee. On Verizon, the re-activation fee is $25 which is around two and half months service every time if you turn it off and on again. Suspending the service at a time up to 90 days will cost $10 per month. According to Macworld:

“Because Apple Watch uses NumberShare on Verizon, it’s not considered a month-to-month or prepaid device, so it’s not so easy to skip a month of service. According to the Verizon representative I spoke to, I have two options:

1.Suspend my Apple Watch service for up to 90 days at a time. This will cost me $10 a month, so that’s not really an option.

2. De-activate the watch completely. That will wipe it from my account and bill. However, I will need to pay a $25 activation fee once I decide to reinstate service. That’s a recurring change. That means Verizon will essentially charge me for two and half months service every time I turn it off and on again.”

Coming to other carriers, AT&T charges $25 and Sprint charges $30. So, if you think you are smart enough to escape the extra charges by stopping and reactivating the service then it won’t be a really smart act to tackle the situation because it will cost you more than using the service year long.


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