June 17, 2021

Are Celebrities Judged On The Basis Of The Number Of Followers They Have?

Whenever we open someone’s Instagram profile, the first thing that gets our attention is the number of followers they have. Everybody from normal Instagram users to influencers and celebrities is working on increasing their followers. Most of the efforts people make, such as posting memes or uploading TikTok, or sharing funny stories, are done so that they can increase their followers.

The Pressure of Having More Followers

People believe that if you are a celebrity, you are going to have a high number of Instagram followers from places like Goread.io. However, that is not the case, the number of followers you have on Instagram has very little to do with the fact that you are a celebrity or not, and it depends more on the content you post.  Since more people are of the mindset that celebrities who are famous and are performing well will have more followers, they often misjudge the worth of a celebrity based on their Instagram followers.

If a celebrity has less than a million or two million followers, they are categorized as new-bees who haven’t made it big till now. Even though these people are taking up great projects as artists and performing well in their field of work, brands look at the number of followers a celebrity has and then hire them as their ambassadors. This has made it even more difficult for celebrities to survive in the industry. These people have to make sure they are working and giving performances that will get them noticed by the people in the industry. At the same time, they also have to be active and present on social media and have to Buy Instagram Followers.

There’s More To It

The pressure does not end here; celebrities who have managed to get more followers are also judged. Rude comments and bashing are common practices, and people expect them to accept all the comments instead of retaliating and voicing their opinions. People sometimes claim that celebrities who have more followers are not because they have worked hard and made their profile likable. Instead, they claim that it is because they bought fake followers so that it looks like they have a lot of fan following.  The fact that celebrities are more than just the number of Instagram followers should be highlighted so that people focus more on the talent a person holds instead of judging them based on the number of likes they have on a selfie.

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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