October 5, 2018

The Art behind Running a Successful Online Business

The Art behind Running a Successful Online Business – Just as there are a massive number of brick and mortar businesses to shop at, the options for the type of business to open and operate online are staggering. Even with that being the case, there are some universal truths to running a successful online business that applies to anyone looking to break into the market.

Going with the famous saying “If your business is not online, then your business will be out of the business soon.” Earlier, it was merely a statement, but now it is getting proved pragmatically. The best real-world example is American electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington – Amazon.com, earlier known as The Everything Store. With the passage of time, Hardware is getting delivered and controlled by Softwares. Now you need not step out of your home to but “X.” The craze of online shopping can be estimated by 150$ Billion + (making him richest man alive on the planet) of Jeff Bezos.

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Keeping it Simple

Unlike a physical storefront, any charisma or salesmanship will be replaced by the layout and content of a website. While many big-name retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart and Best Buy have invested thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) or dollars into their designs, many online businesses can get by affordably and efficiently through the large number of website building tools available, e.g Squarespace or Website Builder. Especially in regards to startups, a business can benefit tremendously through a clean, simple and organized website. Remember, just because you’re not using that aforementioned charisma to get to know your customers, that doesn’t mean they’re human beings. The true art of getting an online business to become successful is treating them as such.

So how does one go about handling customers like people if they never actually meet face to face? Don’t worry, it sounds a lot trickier than it is.

Worry Less about SEO

First and foremost, don’t overindulge in writing for search engine optimization (SEO). Yes, you might begin to rank somewhat better on Google, Bing and Yahoo!, but purchases can dwindle due to robotic or repetitive text.

In the space set aside for a product or service’s description, write it out with all the knowledge and passion for the topic that you really have. Eliminate phrases like “keyword density” and “semantic indexing” from your lexicon and write like you’re interested in and know about whatever you’re selling.


Customer Engagement

Similarly, online businesses should avoid heavy sales language as many online shoppers have grown remarkably savvy over the years. By using every day, conversational language to describe the benefits of the product (rather than focusing on the features themselves), visitors will be more likely to buy from and return to an internet retailer. This should also carry over into social media sites where you will have the opportunity to converse directly with customers.

Moreover, speaking of engaging site visitors, your responses to both solicited email questions and through networking sites should be as swift and honest as possible. If a potential customer is curious enough to take the time to ask you a question, they’re likely already interested enough to buy. This means that flowery sales copy will actually push away a sale than bring it in. These aren’t headless wallets, they’re people and every business owner should treat them as such.

Like Mom Always Said…

Ultimately, however, you decide to design and operate your online business is entirely up to you. Nevertheless, selling something means interacting with humans in a way that makes them comfortable. And, regardless of whether you decide to sell essential oils or lampshades, the best way to make a customer feel comfortable is to show that you’re more than just a sales pitch. Do what your mom always told you and just be yourself and the friends (ahem, customers) will soon follow.

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