May 6, 2022

Types of Marketing to Increase Your Media Presence Effectively

There are a variety of marketing strategies you could adopt to boost your business profile, but not all of them are effective. Finding the right plan is crucial, as a CMO survey by Deloitte realized marketing accounted for revenue growth in 38% of the companies.

That said, marketing is costly since companies like Amazon and Microsoft spend more than $100 million each on paid search annually. Since the returns are great, you should consider taking microloans to fund marketing campaigns.

Here are a few time-tested marketing tactics to effectively increase your media presence.

Why Your Social Media Presence Is Important? 

1. Increases Visibility

Through social media, potential customers become more aware of your company’s products or services. Additionally, you can portray a more casual side and reach more people for less. 

2. Build Authority in the Industry

Utilize social media to bolster your reputation. Share your expertise, showcase social proof, and provide ground-breaking data from yourself and other experts.

3. Authenticity

Social media accounts afford greater elbow room than a business website. The company can use social sites to show its uniqueness and brand personality, letting followers know the business more intimately.

4. Encourages Engagement

There’s no better way to get your target audience to engage with your brand than through social media. Utilize features like stories to draw comments and shares from your target audience. 

Best Media Marketing Strategies for Boosting Your Business 

a) Define Your Aims and Goals

You can increase social media marketing performance by establishing goals for using the platforms and meeting them. The goals will also help evaluate the success of your advertising strategy.

b) Determine Your Target Audience

First off, compile data from existing clients to establish your customer base. After defining the target demographic, figure out the platforms the customers are most likely to use and focus all marketing efforts on that social site.

For instance, Instagram is an excellent site for a fashion brand to reach out to its target audience.

c) Publish Content Consistently

Whether you settle on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter as your anchor social site for launching promotional campaigns, an audience will only take you seriously if you publish content regularly. That will strengthen your brand and build customer loyalty.

d) Tell a Story Through Videos

According to a Brightcove finding in 2015, social videos had more than 1200% more shares than images and text combined. It’s a no-brainer that every business should experiment with videos on social sites. While producing commercial-grade videos could be costly, consider acquiring microloans.

How can Businesses Ensure Their Media Presence Effectively Reaches Their Target Audience?

Engage with your audience: Interacting with followers on social media is a powerful method of reaching your target audience. Engage with them by responding to comments, replying to direct messages, and resolving customer issues. Doing so proves that you care about them and helps improve service provision.

Use analytics to optimize: Get a complete grasp of the customer’s experience using analytics tools to find insights into motivations, interactions, and emotional state of customers interacting with your brand. That way, you can pinpoint what works and duplicate it while binning counter-productive content.

Study the competition: apart from analyzing your target audience, you should extend your area of scrutiny to include competitors. Shine a spotlight on how rivals use social media to reach the target demographic and handpick or exploit gaps in their strategies to reach that target audience effectively. 

Consider influencers: if you want a quick fix to reach your target audience or expand your customer base, consider partnering with influencers. These are social media users who have near-fanatical followings, so one encouraging word from them will go a long way to increase your brand’s exposure and credibility in that industry.

Final Word

While it is challenging to pinpoint marketing’s exact return on investment (ROI), there’s a good reason why major companies spent more than $285 million in 2021 on ad spending alone. There’s a direct link between marketing and revenue increase.

That’s why you should focus all efforts on marketing strategies that will effectively increase your media presence. Such tactics include increasing media visibility, publishing content consistently, sending out content tailored to a target audience, and engaging with your customers. 

Since marketing campaigns can cost a pretty penny, visit the link in the introduction section for more information on accessing microloans to fund your marketing efforts.

About the author 

Kyrie Mattos

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