May 10, 2019

Be Prepared for An All-New AR Minecraft Game from Microsoft

Minecraft AR is a promising game that Microsoft will release soon. The new teasers of this Minecraft AR game have made smartphone users and game lovers excited in anticipation. All Android users await this game after seeing the teaser with curiosity and impatience. Its popularity is becoming similar to that of Pokémon Go because of the nature of this game. It seems like Microsoft is playing around with Augmented Reality to make it fun and interesting for the users. Fans across the globe are looking forward to it.

The latest teaser also gives hints that there will be great positive developments in the future. The teaser is in the form of a video. It is a clear indication from Microsoft that it will launch the Minecraft AR game soon. According to reports, this amazing AR game will be launched on the official website on May 17th this year. People are really looking forward to it.

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Augmented Reality Games

Augmented Reality games became a phenomenon when they launched Pokémon Go for the first time. The whole world was talking about them and was playing this game. The best part about this game was that it was the first time when people could directly interact with the characters of the game. All Pokémon Go users could interact and explore their favorite Pokémon characters like never before.

Moreover, it also allowed users to be more active instead of sitting in one position all the time. The game is based on real-time locations. So, people need to walk around in near or far away areas to find Pokémon characters. Therefore, Pokémon Go is definitely a landmark development in the field of Augmented Reality and gaming.

In the same vein, Minecraft AR is likely to be even more massive in making use of Augmented Reality. As per the hints dropped by Microsoft, it will create a big buzz upon its release. The teaser of this game easily tickles the fantasy of people. In the fascinating and ingenious video, Microsoft intentionally showcases the release date on the smartphone screen of a character. If you analyze the video, you can see that it is a low-budget video with a poor green screen. However, it does complement the low-graphics quality of Minecraft nicely.

The Future of Augmented Reality Games & Minecraft

Therefore, no one can argue that the future of these AR games seems very promising. However, there is still a lot that Microsoft has not yet revealed. AR and gaming enthusiasts are still waiting for several explanations about the game. They also await information about its accessibility for iOS and Android users. However, the best way to clarify your doubts is to check out the official website of Minecraft on May 17. It will definitely surprise you.

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Nevertheless, the teaser released by Microsoft does its job exceedingly well. It has managed to intrigued everyone around the world enough to wait impatiently for its release. The short and precise teaser is just the right mix of everything. Furthermore, it garners plenty of curiosity in AR game lovers. With this, the future of AR games and Minecraft looks very promising.

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