September 13, 2018

10 Best 360 degree camera apps

VR and 360 degree media is the future. What Gutenberg is for printing revolution, 360 camera apps are for VR and new age media. In this list, we will take a look at the best 360 degree camera apps for Android phones.

10 Best 360 degree camera apps

There aren’t that many 360 degree camera apps that work really well. Most of the apps on the play store are just apps that have 360 in its name. Some are just selfie apps, some are just regular camera apps that are falsely branded as 360 degree camera apps.

So check out this list of the best 360 degree camera apps to take amazing panorama and 360 photo shots.

1. Panorama 360. Panoramic Camera. HD Photo stitcher.

Panorama 360. Panoramic Camera. HD Photo stitcher.

Panorama 360 is the most popular 360 degree camera app in the play store. It has been called the Instagram of panorama pictures. You take, edit and share panorama and 360 degree pictures on this app. After you take the picture and edit it to your needs, you can easily share these pictures on the social media like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. It has already been downloaded over 12 million times.

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2. Rollei 360 Degree Camera

Rollei 360 Degree Camera

This is one of the best android 360 degree camera apps to take amazing 360 degree pictures. However, you need Rollei’s 360 camera to use this app. But it is a great camera app to take amazing 360 degree pictures and videos.

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3. Google Street View

Google Street View

Google street view is another amazing app from the big IT giant Google. It is more about the pictures from the street and tourism rather than about the 360 degree camera app. I repeat, this is not a simple 360 degree camera app. It is the excellent at recording 360 photos for virtual tourists or people who want to check out the places they want to visit. Even you can take 360 degree photos with this android app and post them to Google for the other users to see.

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4. Cardboard Camera

carboard camera

Cardboard Camera app is made by google. This app will help you capture those amazing trips you took during your vacation in 360 photos and VR. With the help of cardboard camera app, you can easily take 360 degree photos and VR memories right to your camera. This app doesn’t need you to buy any camera for it to work.

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5. 360cam


360Cam is another great 360 degree camera app. But it requires you buy the actual physical camera. It is an excellent tool for recording and capturing 360 photos.

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6. HUAWEI 360 Camera

huawei 360 camera app

Huawei is a popular phone brand and electronics brand. This app is made for the Huawei 360 degree camera. You need to plugin the camera to the phone that has this app installed to actually use this app. This is a great a option if you want to buy the Huawei phone.

You can instantly share these images on social media like Facebook and Weibo.

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7. 360 Camera

360 camera

This app is for the 360 camera to capture photos and videos in 360 view. You can manage the media and share these pictures and videos with your friends on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. You can also edit these pictures: use filters, add emoji and text to the 360 degree pictures. It is just one of the best 360 camera apps out there.

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8. OKAA 360 Panorama Camera

okaa 360 panorama camera app

OKKA 360 panorama app is a 360 degree remote control camera app that recording seamless 360 videos and photos with the help of their professional camera. It needs the 360 camera to work.

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9. ASUS 360 Degree CAMERA

asus 360 degree camera

Asus 360 degree camera app is the best and free 360 degree camera apps to take pictures in 360 degress. You can take pictures, videos and go live using the Asus 360 degree camera app. Of all the years on this list, this is the best app out there. I highly recommend this app.

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10. 360 Degrees Panorama Camera

360 Degrees Panorama Camera

360 Panorama Camera is a basic 360 degree camera that lets you take pictures in multiple angles to generate a 360 degree picture. It is not as sophisticated as the others on this list.

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I hope this article helped you find the best 360 camera app for your phone.

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