December 19, 2019

Best Apps and Tools for Freelance Writers

Being a freelance writer isn’t as amazing as it may sound to some. When you tell someone that you’re a freelance writer, the first impression they get is that you have this awesome life, being able to travel anywhere you want and work from any place that has an internet connection and a place to sit. And while that last part is true, not being able to rely on an office supply of apps and tools to make your job easier, leads to a lot of pressure when it comes to finding the best gadgets and software to take your career one step further.

Luckily, in recent years, developers focused on creating smart devices and apps that really make life easier for both freelancers and nine to fivers. Actually, if you ask a freelance writer right now, he or she may tell you there are too many and it makes it difficult to choose the best ones for the job.

That’s why we decided to make a list of the best tools and apps that freelance writers can rely on for an efficient activity. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight to the point. We’ve grouped the apps in large categories that cover the entire activity of a freelance writer.

Keeping Track of Time

No matter if you’re charging by the hour or by word, it’s still a great idea to keep track of the time you spent on projects. First of all, it helps you to determine accurate deadlines and increase your credibility with clients and it also comes in handy determining which projects to avoid in the future because they take too much of your time.

To successfully track the time you spend writing, apps like Toggl, Timely or Rescue Time are awesome solutions. All of them can efficiently track the time you spend on various tasks, determine when you’ve stopped working on the main task and even send you notifications to bring you back on track. With detailed reports and in-depth data about your projects, these apps are great no matter if you’re writing about the top casino online or how to build your own library.

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Managing the Workload

When dealing with multiple clients at once, it’s vital to use an app that helps you effectively manage the workload. Being able to set up different deadlines, add notes and have clear instructions about what you need to do with each task can cut in half the time you spend on each project.

Indy, Asana, Trello, or Airtable are three of the most popular project management apps that work perfectly with freelance writers. With a simple but very friendly interface, these apps will allow you to create new tasks, keep track of the progress of each entry and also prioritize various tasks efficiently.

Keeping an Eye on Your Budget

Even though most freelance writers hate this part, sending out invoices is a vital step in the process. You still need to eat and pay the bills, right? Perhaps most writers hate the invoicing part simply because they haven’t discovered the proper tool for it. And with amazing free apps that are perfect for quickly and efficiently creating and managing invoices, there’s no way you won’t get a taste for it. The best apps out there are Invoice Genius, Freshbooks, FreeAgent, and QuickBooks SelfEmplyed.


Nobody tells you that an important part of the entire freelance writer gig is actually PR. Staying in touch with your clients and being as present as possible so that you get new leads is important. That’s why you should consider at least one of the following messaging apps. Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp, Slack or WeChat are great for staying in touch with clients and making sure your flow is as smooth as possible. With multiple integration possibilities with the project management apps, you’ll be able to spend more time actually writing articles than talking to people.

Finding the Perfect Workspace

Just in case you’re not of the freelance writers that like to get a cozy office inside the house where you feel the inspiration flowing and everything is just the way you like it, you’re going to need to find suitable workspaces. Luckily, you no longer have to prospect pubs and coffee shops on your own and hope nobody gives you a weird look when you take your laptop out. Using apps like Workfrom, ShareDesk, Desk Surfing or Desks Near Me you will find a lot of excellent locations for your freelance gig. No matter if you’re going for shared office space or a cozy pub, you’ll always find something for your taste.

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