February 23, 2020

Best Apps for Foodies

Do not think that mobile food applications are just electronic counterparts to paper cookbooks. Now, this is not a store of recipes but intelligent assistants. Helpers who can come up with dinner from what is in the refrigerator,

Numerous smart gadgets certainly make life easier in the kitchen. Read about the most advanced devices on cookingtopgear. You have to admit, no device can prepare a delicious dish without human help. And if this person has a recipe at hand, then you will get a culinary masterpiece!

So, we present the best cooking programs created specifically for smartphones based on iOS and Android.

Kitchen stories

One of the most famous and sophisticated culinary applications. All recipes are equipped with step-by-step instructions. It will even show you how to wash the salad. Beautiful photographs and some even detailed videos are included. In the Kitchen Stories app, you can find recipes from cuisines around the world, including dishes that you probably haven’t even heard about. Developers add new recipes to the database every week — a lot of space for experimenters.

After selecting the necessary recipe, you can mark which products you have and which you don’t. There you can also make a list of necessary purchases. This is very convenient.

In addition, it is one of the few culinary applications that has a version for the Apple Watch. No more running around from the table to your smartphone or tablet – the cooking instructions will be conveniently located on your wrist.


Cookpad is a large database of homemade recipes. People from all over the world share the secrets of cooking their signature dishes. So sometimes you can find really unusual recipes in the app.

If you wish, you can add the ”formula” of your masterpiece there. And it is quite possible that the very next day, somewhere on the other side of the world, someone will cook soup according to your signature recipe.

Chef Watson

Chef Watson is not an application, but an Internet service. It is simply impossible not to mention it. It was created in the bowels of IBM, and its heart is artificial intelligence. Chef Watson knows everything about food at the molecular level. The basis of his artificial intelligence is the idea that products that have the same components combine well with each other. The computer doesn’t have the common sense of a cook and uses only scientific data. Therefore, if he believes that chocolate and shallots combine well together, then he will certainly mix them in one recipe. Despite the apparent incompatibility of taste. And most likely, the dish will be delicious.

All you need to do is choose the starting ingredient, the computer will pick up the rest itself.

Bon Appetit

A simple and practical application for saving recipes gives you access to thousands of different dishes. The database is updated monthly, but you do not need to pay for new categories. Just share the link on social networks. You can find the right option in 3 ways – by name, cooking time and specific ingredients.

Step-by-step recipes are supplemented by a photo and an accurate layout of products. The preparation of many dishes is presented in the videos. Bon Appetit offers an interesting option to write down a recipe online with the user’s personal notes. You can add or exclude some ingredients, change the cooking time and calorie content, attach copyright photos.

The application helps to fully organize the cooking process – to make a shopping list, set a timer for each stage, share the finished result in social networks.


This is a cookbook for lovers of new dishes from around the world. To save recipes, use the personal page “My recipes”. On it, you can set filters for national cuisine, ingredients and the specifics of the dish. Each preparation is supplied with a step-by-step description and photo. The application sends users messages about new videos and recommendations for the menu for the nearest meal.

You can customize the program according to your personal needs-vegetarian cuisine, gluten-free diet, recipes for proper nutrition. Link your settings to your social media account and share useful links there.


Cooks who need a convenient recipe recording app and a cooking timer will enjoy Yummly. There is a huge collection of dishes from all over the world. Filters help you choose the right option for the kitchen, personal diet, cooking method. In the settings, you can specify your nutritional restrictions, and the program will give recipes without these products.

Clear instructions with colorful photos and videos simplify the cooking process. The timer allows you to accurately follow the stages of work. In the application, you can make a shopping list, create a menu for the week and add dishes to the calendar to cook them on specific days.

You can create thematic collections: “Soups”, “Meat dishes”, “Pastries”, etc. For the navigation inside the app provides a voice command.

These apps will definitely add variety to your culinary life and teach you something new. Experiment and surprise your family and friends!

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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