January 27, 2019

How to Get Android Lollipop’s Smart Lock Feature on your Mobile Phone

Smartphones have eased the lives of us while what concerns is the security of the device which has most of the personal and useful data in the device. Have you ever admired the features which allow the users to lock his device automatically instead of doing that manually ensuring the possible security when your phone is stolen avoiding the theft of personal data.  Read more to know more.

How to Get Android Lollipop’s Smart Lock Feature

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Lock Your Android Device Very Easily

Google has foreshortened the most common faced security issue by the users of android devices. Updated version of Android makes sure that the smart lock which is enabled in the lollipop comprehends both confided face and confided devices at a time to which a new feature is added and is available which geographical location based locking system. This feature locks your android powered device locked involuntary when your device is found of the preferred geographical location. User’s needs to set the trusted places by him where he wishes to his device unlocked and desires that his device has to be locked as soon as his device moves out of the desired location parameters. This amazing application is made to accessible to the user for free in the latest Lollipop powered upgraded operating system of the android by the Google Play Services.

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How to Lock Your Android Device Automatically

Android’s upgraded version Lollipop which locks the device involuntarily without the consent of the user is similar to the usage Bluetooth devices connection which states that when the device which is enabled by this services seeds in the selected zone then the screen gets automatically locked/unlocked after all to experience this feature user must have an access to the location-based services such as Google maps and other services. A Good news for the android devices owners who all have got the earlier android versions such as KitKat and Jelly Bean operating system as there is an app which allows the users to go through and sense the similar features as of Lollipop automatic screen locking system. Alike Lollipop smart screen app, this app  has been developed by Aravind Sagar and Priyan Vaithilingam who carried this functionality of app which is available in Lollipop version to the prior versions such as KitKat and Jellybean. Thus, geeks and techno freaks who have been jealous of the demo in the lollipop version may experience it in the Kit Kat and Jellybean versions. Beforehand app which is developed by the Aravind Sagar and Priyan Vaithilingam retroflex the appearance and utility of  5.0’s with all new lock screen and is desirable to go through.

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How to Download the Smart Lock Features

Download the deserving and worthful app in your device and make it appear like an upgraded device. Click Download to download the application and install the application in your device. If you are willing to get the updated application then you may cite it at this LINK, which is redirected to the application developers post and his module. After the successful installation of the application, users are commended to go through all features and specifications of the app and may frame that as per their utility and performance in the device.

How to Get Android Lollipop’s Smart Lock Feature

The most important step and effective step is to select and tap the on-screen option “Done” after reviewing the application in spite of opening it. Soon after successful configuration of the smart lock application, you may open the application. It is advisable for the user to reset the Master Password which allows accessing the mobile soon after logging into the device with the master password when the device is out of the desired geographical location of the user.

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Master password can be reset by accessing drop down menu and user has the choice to set password in Password or PIN as any one of the convenient security method.

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