August 14, 2021

Best Apps for Traffic Conditions

Every year, the number of vehicles is increasing at an unprecedented rate. And while they make our journeys faster, some traffic jams will make you regret leaving your home. Fortunately, there are multiple Android and iPhone apps to solve these common problems each with their unique feature tailored according to specific users.

Before downloading the apps for traffic conditions, it’s advisable for you to have a driving license. The g1 Driving test will make you familiar with the theory test and its format. The free questions on the practice test will help you in learning the traffic rules and regulations as well as the highway signs, so you can pass the knowledge exam with confidence.

Users have trouble deciding on which app they should get to tackle all of their traffic problems.

Today, we pick some of the best apps for Traffic conditions and share their pros and cons in detail. The apps aren’t listed in any particular order so read through all of them to find the best match for you. We have analyzed user reviews across the internet and tested each app for its usability. Let’s get started.

Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

Waze is the first application on our list. It is available on both android and iOS platforms and is one of the highest-rated navigation apps. This is an on-the-go app that you can use as you’re driving, for assistance. It tells you the traffic conditions on the road and suggests the best route to get to your destination faster. In addition to that, Waze also informs you about the recent hazards and accidents on the road so you don’t get stuck in unexpected traffic.

The traffic data is available in real-time so it suggests alternative route changes in an instant if the traffic situation changed once you got on that route. The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is Waze’s other useful feature that uses live traffic information.

According to the editors, Waze makes use of crowd-sourced information. This means that the data is imported from real user feedback and not from algorithms. The friendly user interface, quick detour suggestions, cheapest gas station recommendations, and inbuilt podcast and music are some of the cherry toppings for this application. Finally, it also informs you about incoming police checks and patrols. The app notifies you when you are driving above the speed limit in a particular area.

For all these reasons, this app is our personal favorite. However, this does not mean you won’t love the following apps. Let’s check them out.

INRIX Traffic Maps & GPS

INRIX is another amazing traffic condition app. After you input your departure and destination location, this app will let you know the status of the road and build a perfect route for you. Similar to Waze, INRIX also provides you information about the recent traffic accidents and the effect they had on road traffic and conditions. It’ll let you know beforehand if the roads are closed for construction, special events, or any other reasons.

Moreover, INRIX uses simple colors like Green (least traffic), Yellow (moderate traffic), and Red (max probability of traffic jam) to show the traffic conditions of the road so you can get information about the traffic with just a single look. This is a game-changer for some heavy drivers who can’t afford to stop their vehicles to look at the traffic conditions. INRIX also lets you know the weather conditions and forecasts for the next 3 hours. It’ll provide you with previous weather data and suggest the best course of action. In addition, you can add your favorite routes for your daily commute and avoid them on days when they are busy. Many users think INRIX is the best traffic app among all and it isn’t hard to see why.

Google Maps

When it comes to road and navigation, you can bet on Google maps to make the list. It suggests the best possible route to take anywhere in the world. Google Maps has helped millions of users worldwide to get to their location and find desired places. And it is the most used navigation app of all time. However, you probably don’t know that it is also a convenient traffic condition analyzer.

To get details on the traffic info from Google Maps, you can turn on the Traffic overlay option. It tells you all the traffic conditions of the road after you map out your route. This will help you avoid busy routes and save time. Google Maps utilizes the data from satellites and tells you about road conditions.

It also lets you know about traffic accidents which you can share with your buddies to save their time as well. However, not all streets have traffic data available and you can only expect it to function on some of the major roads. The developers are constantly striving to improve the traffic overlay function so this might be one of the best traffic condition apps in the coming days. Now, let’s have a look at our final suggestion.

Traffic Spotter – Traffic Reports

This is another amazing Traffic conditions app by ‘Kernalite.’ Traffic Spotter is not as popular as the ones mentioned above in the article. However, it made the list thanks to the excellent usability in real road conditions.

The traffic information conveyed by the app is accurate and many think Traffic Spotter is the perfect alternative to the INRIX traffic app. This app has some great user reviews in the play store and “gets the job done” to quote some users.

Traffic Spotter has a GPS-guided real-time traffic information provider. In addition, it also lets you know about the hazards of the road and how the traffic situation is affected by it. It provides real-time data of the traffic situation of roads and suggests the best routes to take. Traffic Spotter also provides information on the weather condition which is pretty convenient for drivers. It has a rating of 4.3 on Google play with over 100k downloads.


So, these are our picks of the best apps for traffic conditions. Using any of the above, you can save yourself the inconvenience of being in heavy traffic and reaching your destination late. Whether you want the shortest route or the least crowded one, these apps will help you out.

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