August 13, 2020

Tips for Choosing the Best GPS Trackers

GPS trackers are quite an essential tool today. GPS trackers are most commonly used in vehicles, but that’s not where it’s use ends. You’ll be surprised to know that a GPS tracker can be used in human beings, assets, pets, etc.

While you may already know the purpose of a GPS tracker, what you may not know is how exactly it operates. Before you can move on to choosing the best GPS tracker, let’s first take you through how exactly a GPS tracker works, so that you can understand the technical specifications better.

Understanding How A GPS Tracker Works?

The basic component of a tracker is the Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS uses satellites to send and receive signals to pinpoint and track a device location, with an accuracy of a few hundred meters. With the advent of space and technology, more satellites were sent to Space, thus creating more opportunities for the tracking businesses.

Benefits of Investing Reliable Tracking Services

Today, finding a reliable tracking service provider can be quite a challenge, considering the number of options in the market today. Service providers like Simply Trackers offer the customers with highly accurate tracking services, hence marking a strong presence in the market. With these tracking services, you can track your family members, household help, valuables, and luggage in seconds simply by using your smartphone.

The Ultimate Tips

Before you can settle on any GPS tracker, you first have to identify the purpose of the tracker, as the devices vary in every situation. And every device comes with a different cost. So, you have to fix a budget and jot down your requirements to get the most at the best price.

Secondly, it should be user-friendly. You should be able to easily access all sorts of data and do not find it difficult to operate in times of emergency. Moving on, make sure you do not compromise on the hardware quality. The device should be waterproof, heat-resistant, and impact-resistant. It should withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions.

Being an expert in the field, here are some of the tips which will help you in selecting the best GPS tracker.

Concealed or Open Trackers

The most important thing to ponder before investing is whether you need a concealed tracker or a visible one. The former ones are used by law enforcement agencies mostly, but parents and fleet managers also prefer them to track their children and employees. Concealed tracking devices have an extended battery life, backup battery packs, and hardware kits to keep monitoring for a longer time.

Real-Time GPS Tracking or Passive Tracking

This is the most-opted feature in a tracking system, as anyone who would invest in a tracker would like to see real live images, rather than recorded ones. Real-time GPS tracking transmits data constantly from the satellites to give updated information. However, few customers also use the passive tracking system which stores all data to be transmitted later. It usually requires a large amount of memory for storage. The data can be downloaded within 90 days. Each of these systems comes with a different price.

Geo-fence Zone

The Geo-fence zone is also an important feature that should come with a tracker. It predetermines the zones of the tracker. Every time your tracker leaves that area, you are immediately notified by an SMS or call. You can categorize your neighborhood, a few blocks, or city as the geo-fence zone. The tracker itself may not be that expensive compared to the security, protection, and detailed services provided. Tracking service providers like Simply Trackers offer all these services at a very nominal rate which can be afforded by everyone.

Traditional Trackers or Time-Tracking Trackers

The GPS trackers can be categorized as traditional trackers. Nowadays, modern trackers focus more on time rather than navigation. It is a beneficial tool for all business to use their time appropriately and give cent percent results. Initially, time tracking software was used, but as of now, most of the world has shifted to cell phones, there are numerous time tracking applications for android and IOS both. You need to decide which type of tracker will best suit your needs before settling on a GPS tracker. The Simply Trackers have all their services available on cell phones.

Time tracking trackers are a new thing. You might be interested in getting to know more about them.

The time tracking app is considered as a time management tool that helps peoples to track hours spent on projects. They can gauge their productivity by giving the right amount of time to every task. It keeps them organized and pushes them to finish their work before deadlines. It can be used by everyone as it just needs to be installed in your system.

As a result of the global village, people tend to hire people from around the world. But it is difficult to work with all due to different time zones. An employee time tracker enables you to track how your employees spend time. It also comes with an additional feature of screenshots. When the user switches on his system, the software starts clicking random screenshots of the screen once every 10 minutes. Screenshots provide real-time and accurate reporting. Most importantly, it helps you to manage your staff easily

It is also useful for students as they can track their study time. It helps them give optimal timing to each subject. It also helps them to stay focused, motivated, and energetic. The added benefit is for parents who can track the study time of their children easily. No more worrying about whether your child has studied in your absence or not. Simply get the complete information by the time tracking app.

Apart from students, everyone can use the time tracker app for their personal use. Personal time tracking will undoubtedly bring a change in your life as it improves time management skills tremendously. The app helps you to avoid distractions and complete your work on time. As a result, you will achieve life and work balance which will reduce your anxiety. Gradually, you will adopt healthy habits and increase your productivity.

Global Positioning Service tracking devices are an important aspect of our lives. Other than trackers, software, and applications, Mobile phones are also tracking devices as they have inbuilt GPS and cellular locating technology. This enables cell phones to be located from any outdoor place and even indoors or basements. You can connect to the person from anywhere in the world. The best part is there is no cost for this as everyone has their cell phone.

Who knew there was SO MUCH to GPS trackers that we didn’t know? Well, technology has gone too far and it sure can be seen in the GPS tracking.

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