January 25, 2023

Best Home Automation Systems for 2023

Smart home automation is extremely helpful, but you need a good automation system supporting you to pull it off! So, let’s take a look at the best home automation systems for 2023.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a staple of home automation systems for 2023 and provides some of the best functionality. It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and also perfectly pairs with Zigbee. It has a wide range of devices it can connect to, and it does so effectively and with minimal fuss, no matter the device’s manufacturer. The system is also relatively easy to set up, even if you pair it up with all its additional parts, such as locks, sensors, etc. This makes it a decent choice for anyone just getting into home automation. Amazon’s online security is also relatively decent, so all you need to worry about is picking the right password.

Apple Homekit

The first on our list of best home automation systems for 2023 is Apple Homekit. And it continues to set standards for both hardware and online security. If you are looking into smart home tech to keep your family safe, this will likely be one of your top picks. The hub itself follows the Apple device trends too. The main benefits are the following:

  • You can perfectly optimize it for your home.
  • It works flawlessly.
  • You have fantastic hardware support in case something does go wrong, too.

Of course, like always with Apple, the problem is that it doesn’t play with other manufacturers well. If you opt for Apple Homekit, you’ll be able to pair it with Apple products. And that’s it. If you want something more versatile, then it’s best to look elsewhere for your ideal device.

Starling Home Hub

Starling Home Hub is not something you want to get on its own. With this in mind, there’s a reason we mentioned this device after the Apple one! This is because Starling Home Hub does one thing flawlessly: it connects Nest devices, some smoke detectors, security cameras, and such, which are typically incompatible with Apple hub. In other words, it lets you benefit from both Apple’s stellar software and some of the best smart home protection and maintenance devices on the market. Do note that full use of Nest products requires a Nest Aware subscription.

Google Nest Hub

There’s a lot to recommend Google’s solution for home automation. It has greater compatibility than most devices. It comes with a neat little visual interface. You can set up Google home relatively easily on your own. It has access to Google services, voice commands, and more. Having said that, it might be a little too well-integrated. There are some real privacy concerns regarding its level of integration into your home, considering how much Google loves to store its users’ data. But, at least Google has never dropped the ball regarding cyber security.

Wink Hub

Wink Hub, currently in its iteration Wink Hub 2, is a neat little home automation system that features some of the best handlings on the market. It connects to your phone or other smart devices, such as a smartwatch, and allows you to control your home from anywhere and at any time. Wink also has decent device compatibility, so you don’t need to worry about that! It also lets you set up conditions for your other devices to turn on or off automatically. And this lets you have a ton of control over your smart home! It does not, however, have default voice commands. However, it can pair up with Siri, Alexa, or your Google Assistant.

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung’s foray into smart home automation has landed us one of the best home automation systems for 2023. This is both impressive and ironic, considering that Samsung has given up on further development and production. In other words, while it is still possible to get the device, it might eventually not be. What sets the hub apart is how great it is at pairing up with any device. Samsung really focused on making sure to max out their system’s compatibility, which is excellent if you like a wide spread of manufacturers. Its smart home phone app and its ability to set up settings for home automation are also a highlight. While it’s one of the best devices you can pick for home automation, it also lacks integrated voice controls like Wink Hub.

Aeotec Smart Home Hub

Now, if the fact that SmartThings hubs are no longer being actively produced frustrates you, we have good news! Coming in is Aeotec Smart Home Hub, a device that is not just compatible with Samsung’s stellar SmartThings app and its automation capabilities but is also perfectly compatible with a wide range of devices and gadgets, including Nest products. This hub is basically a copy of Samsung’s, with a few minor differences. So, if you fail to get your hands on SmartThings on time, don’t worry!

Hubitat Elevation

Hubitat Elevation is true to its name. It is very much made to give you as much control over your home as possible. Now, it does have a very steep learning curve which is not friendly to beginner-smart homeowners. But, once you master the device, you’ll be able to set up some really neat and intricate automation for your home, including complex interactions between smart home devices. All of its smart home logic is also stored locally, so you don’t need to worry as much about cyber security. All you need to do is pick a reliable home security system since safety comes first, and you’ll pretty much be set!


Control4 is perfect for those who love having numerous options to click on. It offers you as many settings and custom automation solutions as you need. Furthermore, it has compatibility with all the prominent and essential smart home devices and comes with a universal remote for controlling them all on the move. It also has a seven or ten-inch touchscreen to manage all your devices from a central console. Even though it’s not as well-known as some of the devices on our list, it matches their performance. However, it does come with the downside of requiring professional installation. It also needs regular updates, which might annoy some homeowners.

KNX Smart Home Automation

This is one of the best home automation systems for 2023, and it stands out because it just does its own thing and focuses on doing it well. KNX has an extensive range of smart home products. Anything from blinds, door communication systems, security, and heating systems to lighting systems. If you want, you can even convert your fans to smart fans. And all of them can be linked together to allow you maximum control on the move with the hub’s remote access options.

Picking the right option for your smart home’s needs

As you can see, you have a lot of options to pick from among the best home automation systems for 2023. In the end, it all comes down to exactly what sort of system your home needs. So, choose carefully, and ensure you know what you are doing if you want to set it up yourself!

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